2017 Mantra: Trust the Process

December 29, 2016

My 2016 Mantra was "Bet on Yourself." Bet on yourself. Three simple words, that held so much weight. They carried me through some highs and lows, but more importantly... they carried me forward. And that, above all, is the beauty of it: forward. 

I got a new job. And another new job. And then finally, the job. The job where I could sit in my chair and think "I earned this," and "I can grow here." And after 4 years of undergraduate and 2 years of master's... that was a good thing indeed.

My 2017 Mantra is "Trust the Process." Admittedly, my first thought was that this isn't action-y enough. It's not wild and free and ballsy like 2016. It's not future-defying leaps and bounds and close-your-eyes-you'll-land-on-your-feet. But.... it's truthful. 

It's where I'm at. It's what I need. I took the risks and the bets, and I landed somewhere I am happy at. And now what's left is to cultivate that spot. Life is not a constant jump from here to there to somewhere wildly new. Now is a season for purposeful cultivation. For trusting the process, and reaping the rewards. I got myself here by betting, and I'm going to grow myself here by trusting the process.

Trusting the process of:
*Self-development that will lead to wisdom
*Learning from other who have gone before me
*30-minute workouts, day in and day out
*Daily, habitual practices of wellness: learning, seeking, self-care, self-love and more

Trust the Process. 

Because ultimately, it's all about forward.


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