Shots, Shots...shots?

June 30, 2014

This Friday, the restaurant was exceptionally slow. Which is both a waitress' nightmare and a waitress' dream come true. Because holla, I got out by 9 p.m. which hasn't happened since...I don't know when. So as soon as we escaped those prison walls, a fellow server and I jumped downtown and plopped onto a patio, foiling another poor waitress' dreams of an early night off (suckaaaa). 

We were eyeballing some super cuties in the corner, but we gave up because they weren't really getting the hint. So we just refined ourselves to classy margaritas and martinis and baseball watching, while occasionally still managing to find ourselves peeping over -- just in case they finally got the hint. After about an hour we decided, they must be gay. 

And after about another half hour, two shots arrived, compliments of the boys in the corner. At which point we realized, we didn't really know what to do with these shots that we had been waiting to arrive for the past hour and a half. Meredith was all, I don't like cinnamon, eww. And I was all, I can't take shots, this is embarrassing (no for real, it's just like too much liquid at once and I suck). And then in unison we were both, sorry we thought you were gay? 

Then they tried to get us to join their tables. Meredith was all, I don't know how to flirt, I always end up talking about my cat. And I was all, I don't know how to flirt because I'm in an awkward on off on off off off drinks off dinner dinner dinner off situation. 

And then our third friend Nina arrived, only to barrage me for always ending up finding strangers with sleeve tattoos anytime she met me at the bar. And I was all, don't haterate, appreciate. 

What type of crazies do you attract at the bar?

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The Sociology of Immigration

June 24, 2014

We all know it's no secret that I am forever thankful for immigrants (#hotties #canthelp #nojudgies), and lately I've been crushing on a bit more than just the men themselves. I've found a weird new addiction to....books about immigration. 
It all started with the fabulous Grand Rapids Public Library series, which features 10 books and 40 events. I started reading Into the Beautiful North. It's an exquisite look at the sociology behind immigration -- not just why people leave, but what happens when they leave. And that my friends, is the question I just love to dive into. I can't help it. It's like immigration got flipped upside down. What happens to the towns, the families, the culture when so many individuals are leaving? 
I'm obsessed. 
Like, sign me up for "if you read this, we suggest this" for the rest of the summer. 
Tonight I'll be attending a documentary film about this very concept hosted by the filmmaker, called The Other Side of Immigration.  I am beyond words geeked/nerding out that such a fascinating topic will be hosted by such a sexy, intelligent man my hometown library (#grpride). Anyways, I'll be sure to write more after the documentary because hopefully someone besides me finds this topic fascinating (it's also available on Netflix for those of you who are!)
What are you reading and watching lately?
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Best Friday Laugh: Blacklisted

June 20, 2014

I recently contacted good ol' Bloglovin to find out why my blog was no longer showing up on their site. Turns out...I'd been blacklisted. The following is the best email, ever, ever received as to why my blog was taken off: 

"What has happened here is that your description contains the word "asshole", we are very well aware that your blog does NOT have any pornographic content. But asshole is marked as a banned word to keep the site clear of adult material.

We are aware of the fact that your blog is not a porn blog but we do not yet have a whitelist and we are working on this matter. 

I can remove the word asshole from your description if you want, or exchange it to something else? If so, the blog will be displayed on your profile again. So sorry about the inconvenience caused. "

But for real, Bloglovin' was a total gem about this whole situation and I can't stop laughing at this.

Have the best Friday!
What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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Currently Crushing

June 19, 2014

Long walks

Chorizo and eggs

Books about immigration

Open windows


The hardwood floors in my apartment

The wine shop on the corner

Long showers

Peacock feathers

Tribal print (always)

Summer sun

What are you currently crushing on?

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