Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Edition

May 13, 2013

Hi friends!

Yesterday I took over Helene's page for a fun intro to the Unreal Life, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out, head on over and show Helene and I some blogger love =)

If you are stopping by for the first time from Helene's, THANK YOU! I am so excited to have you here at The Unreal Life and promise to take good care of your time by regaling you with entertaining stories of my inability to say no to strangers and/or assholes, another shot of vodka and team-building exercises (Trust falls? Not my thing.). 


Confession: I really, really, really miss Gossip Girl. As in, miss it so much that one more rainy weekend may find me restarting the entire series on Netflix for the third time. As in, I may or may not have Blair's final headband collection pinned to my Pinterest wedding board, ready to go. But as much as I miss it, I have some unanswered questions.

1. How did Serena get away with killing a man? Because I'm pretty sure in real life, you can't just go cry and apologize and then return to your pent house.

2. Whatever happened to Dan's half-brother?

3. How does this guy in my apartment complex keep making seemingly endless loops...through the building? He must be running circuits up and down the steps and then around the building wait...this isn't about Gossip Girl. 

4. How did Lillian forgive William for lying to her and telling her she had cancer...only to marry him at the end of the season?

5. Did we ever figure out who Chuck's mother was?

6. How did Serena do all that coke and still have such great skin?

7. How did any of them get hired without a college degree? I have one and I can barely get a job as it is. 

8. I still don't understand why we suddenly had to throw a prostitution ring into it all. But, ok...

9. How did Nate become the character with the least amount of lines, but the most amount of women?

Apparently, I'm not the only one confused by this either. Nate is also confused. 



  1. HAHAHAHA yup. All so true.
    I thought we did figure out who Chuck's mother was though. Wasn't it Diana?

    1. I can't keep track. Wasn't she hired as a distraction by Bart? And the French one...was she hired by Jack?

  2. Oh Gossip Girl! I loved that show! Hahaha I agree with all of these but especially number 10... still cannot believe that they are married!

  3. I, too, have all of these same questions. But the show is just too bad not to love.

  4. #2..... What the heck happened to him??

    1. Venus, I needed to know the answer to this (read: I got bored at work) so I IMDb'd that shit. His name is Chris Riggi and he was most recently in 'Vampires Suck.' Womp womp. Poor Chris. It's hard to top the role of unwanted love child on Gossip Girl.

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  6. hahahah I seriously LOVE this show, and these are all soooo true! Like I get Serena didn't actually KILL him, but seriously? Nobody's gonna do anything about the fact that she left him there to die?
    Seriously though, this show really puts into perspective how overly-dramatic this show was. But I still loved it...


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