HAPPY monday

January 28, 2013

I am feeling so HAPPY today that I don't even know where to begin!
For the first time in TWO WEEKS I made it through a whole day of work! PLUS--it is 70 degrees outside. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Regardless, it feels really good to be semi-healthy and warm again, and I'm starting to feel motivated again to accomplish all my goals.
I've read so many great blogs today...but I'm always torn. I'm not sure if I want my blog to be my day to day diary filled with linkups and photos of my weekend, but I do adore the interaction all these bloggers are having with eachother. So what's better: over-detailed diary style or only a few funny/meaningful/shocking posts?
Since I'm in such a HAPPY mood today, I'll share 5 things I'm looking forward to this week:
1. getting to mock the bachelor this week, and read other people mocking the bachelor
2. having ENERGY again! (even if it's not 100%, i feel so much better!)
3. READING (I'm a nerd...but I love it! blogs, books, magazines....everything! words words words!)
4. pursuing my GOALS (clean my apartment, find more writing outlets, write MORE, cross off some to-do items)
5. returning to SOCIALIZING. The end of the flu means that I can talk to people again! Yay!

And here's what I just finished this weekend:

PS: Anyone know how to get the google Friend Connect button on my sidebar? This thing is driving me INSANE!

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