The Sociology of Immigration

June 24, 2014

We all know it's no secret that I am forever thankful for immigrants (#hotties #canthelp #nojudgies), and lately I've been crushing on a bit more than just the men themselves. I've found a weird new addiction to....books about immigration. 
It all started with the fabulous Grand Rapids Public Library series, which features 10 books and 40 events. I started reading Into the Beautiful North. It's an exquisite look at the sociology behind immigration -- not just why people leave, but what happens when they leave. And that my friends, is the question I just love to dive into. I can't help it. It's like immigration got flipped upside down. What happens to the towns, the families, the culture when so many individuals are leaving? 
I'm obsessed. 
Like, sign me up for "if you read this, we suggest this" for the rest of the summer. 
Tonight I'll be attending a documentary film about this very concept hosted by the filmmaker, called The Other Side of Immigration.  I am beyond words geeked/nerding out that such a fascinating topic will be hosted by such a sexy, intelligent man my hometown library (#grpride). Anyways, I'll be sure to write more after the documentary because hopefully someone besides me finds this topic fascinating (it's also available on Netflix for those of you who are!)
What are you reading and watching lately?
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  1. Girlll this is why we must be besties! I love everything about immigration - I can't wait to take immigration law in the fall; specifically (unsurprisingly?) I'm interested in undocumented immigration- there's a great (& very sad) documentary on Netflix called which way home about three groups of kids who are crossing the border into the US ... It's so crazy!

  2. I love documentaries about the darker side of humanity, like prostitution and drug use. Born into Brothels is by far my favorite documentary ever. It's about an English photographer who goes into the Red Light District in India and befriends a group of children that she tries to get out of the RLD and into good schools. Some kids don't make it out, but others do. It's an incredible journey.

  3. That sounds so interesting! I added it to my Netflix list!

  4. interesting stuff. never really thought about the effects of immigration on the other side!


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