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August 27, 2014

Somehow, in the middle of this crazy, tornado-esque, fast-as-a-bullet, time-flies-when-you're-in-the-library-all-night thing they call grad school, I've managed to find myself...some friends. And not just friends, but friends who all like each other. We have formed a little group that goes out drinking after class, and sends inspirational cat photos during exams, and I've become quite attached. 
Even more miraculously (for me)'s guy-girl. AND we have managed to make it a whole year without MESSING UP THAT DELICATE BALANCE (because if you don't agree that's a balance, get outta town!). So basically, we're EXPERTS (please note my dripping sarcasm). Anyways, my friend Hanna and I were discussing how we managed to keep this guy-girl friendship (which some people struggle with!) going so smoothly. We have devised the following tips for you on how to keep your own guy-girl friendships in perfect, operating balance without and cross-kissing contamination, crushes, or other guy-girl friendship disasters. It's summer up in this adorable graphic I made for you to like/pin/tweet/store to your memory.

You're welcome. No but really...we've tested this. Four (at least) seems to be key. 

If you pick three, there's two potentials. One: someone ends up feeling like an awkward wheel; Two: the conversation turns very gender-specific. For realz. Hanna and I tried to go with just Chris once, and since it was two to one, the conversation got very girl-esque: headaches, menstrual cycles, garage sales, clothes, etc (DON'T PRETEND YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS). It also works the other way. I went with just the two boys once, and conversation got very guy-esque: cars, cars, engines, cars, beer (SNOOZE ME, LOSE ME). 

Other helpful tips we came up with:
  1. Try to make sure at least one person has a significant other. There is no option for pairing off then. Ask after the significant other at least once every time, so that you can all be mind-cleansed of any post-drinking amorous feelings you might have had. 
  2. Always, always come up with a nickname for your group. 
  3. Have at least one Karen in the group (you know what I mean). 
  4. Pick a regular establishment for your friend dates. Comfort and routine lulls you into a false sense of this-will-never-be-romantic security. 
  5. Regularly invite a fifth wheel along. We don't know why, but this works. It adds a little spark to your fromance (that's a friend-romance folks, spread it like wildfire). 
  6. Don't fool yourself into believing that "these things don't happen at a commuter school." "Watching a movie" NEVER MEANS WATCHING A MOVIE, no matter whether you drive or walk to school. Ain't no thang. Don't do that. 
That's all I got. But really, if you just remember the rule of four (FOUR OR MORE, LET IT POUR. UNDER FOUR, HIT THE DOOR.) you will have such stellar guy-girl relationships. And guy friends are great. But guy friends you share with your other girl friends are even better. Because you can laugh at them when they're gone (JUST KIDDING LOVE YOU).

Do you have a solid group of friends you just adore?
What are your tips for guy-girl/guy-guy/girl-girl friendships? 
Or just share a funny joke.

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  1. These are some great tips.

    Wait...I'm always the Karen in my group...hmmm...


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