#byedust [Hello, Again]

April 27, 2015

I feel like there should be a ceremonial GIF of someone blowing dust off a keyboard, and little fingers nervously fluttering over keys again. 

So, here I am again. 

Valiant effort to get back into blogging, commence.

Why did I leave? I left for a boy. Which was dumb. And also because grad school was hard. And stressful. And when I ran out of time to get e'rything done, cuts had to be made. 

Coming back has been in the back of my mind for a while now. A little whisper, reminding me that I used to like this. So anyways, if I remember correctly, you're supposed to stick to one main topic per post. So I guess this post is up!

Cheers, kids. See you soon!
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    Also Dan and I are rife with insane dreams so if you ever need dream interpretation fodder, we can help you out.

  2. Welcome Back! I've missed your Carrie Posts!

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. First time reader, and I'm glad you decided to come back! After reading this post, I'm hooked. You're funny!


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