Shit My Niece Says

May 28, 2015

Moving on to the topic of hand. I saw this adorable link-up by Amber of Mr. Thomas & Me about what is your place of peace? And it got me thinking... where do I feel most at peace? I was almost greedy to come to the answer. My mind raced, in the midst of all of this all of this, please! Where is the peace? Transitions have never been my strong suit, that's for sure. Homework and libraries and schools used to be my place of peace, but graduation put a stop to that. So where was my sweet, sweet escape? 

With my little darling loves, my niece and nephew (and technically, nephews, but the second one is just really too young to count). I just adore them. I adore their warm little snuggly bodies, the way they think I'm really good at throwing a football, their ability to make a game out of anything and even, I realized, their 92 daily questions. So in no particular order, here are 92 (just kidding, try like 10) questions my niece and nephew have asked me in the past 72 hours. 

What is a sorority?
What are the two most important things a citizen can do?
Is it ok to do the sign of the cross at my friend's house when they pray?
What is whiskey?
Why is this man singing about whiskey?
Why would kissing someone make you feel like whisky?
What does it mean to feel bubbly?
Why does kissing make you bubbly?
Are you going to get married?
Would you have a baby and not a husband?
Would you adopt your babies?
Why is the word penis only inappropriate when I say it? Look here, it's in my cat breeding book -- is this book inappropriate?
Do you know my gym teacher?
Do you like Taylor Swift?
What is the difference between Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor?
Does every country song talk about whisky?
Would you rather read my Minecraft book, or The Bible?
What is uptown funk?

And my personal favorite...

[In response to a story he was telling...]
Is that why Trevor called me a rat-cist (he meant racist....) on the bus? 
Is that the same as a rapist?

If you have any answers, please do feel free to share. ;)

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P.S. As a matter of housekeeping... Man Friend would like me to confirm that not only does he have a hot mom, but he is also very hot himself. He felt a little left out that my dream was mostly about karaoke with his family, and very little about him. So... let it be known that Man Friend is attractive. 


  1. aw this is so cute! Little kids say the darnest things!


  2. Kids are so fun! I used to collect all kinds of gems from my nephew!


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