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October 24, 2016

Uggggh why am I so bad at hobbies? Someone tell me it's just this "stage of life" and that eventually, hobbies will become consistent. Here's the thing... I really want a hobby that is consistent and separated from my work/professional life. Not a hobby like "Oh I serve on a board." That's work. Like a "Hi I Blog" hobby. 

This is my relationship with hobbies...

Day .055... Oh, Man! I really want a hobby! That sounds fun!
Day 1... that was fun, love it!
Day 2.. nah, don't set yourself up for too much
Day 3... wait there was a hobby?
Day 7... well it's too late now
Day 9... I don't have time for that hobby
Day 12... But if I'm going to commit to something, I should commit to consistent exercise and eating healthy. Then add a hobby in. 
Day 15... I'd really just like a grilled cheese
Day 30... is anyone even blogging anymore? (said as reading blogs for the 5th time that day)
Day 42... should've taken up a hobby, I'm bored
Day 200... well it's definitely too late to take up that hobby again

And so it goes. But I know, I know... 'you make time for that which is important to you' etc etc. Unless you are a millennial and then you identify all the important-to-you things and you just stare at them, frozen, unwilling to make a choice on which to prioritize. 

And thus is my relationship with hobbies cemented. 

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  1. Oh my goodness...this is me & hobbies to a T. I was just talking to my friend about that this weekend. How I need/want a hobby but I either wind up bored with it, too broke for it, or too busy for it.


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