On Hobbies (Part 2), and Other Friday Musings

November 11, 2016

What up Party People?! 

Ahh to blog for the second time in a month. What is this, you might say? Why it is a random compilation of things in my head! 

But first I want to talk about hobbies (again)...

This week, I thought I would soon be getting a new hobby. A time-consuming, all-intensive hobby filled with joy and fun and all that shtuff. But then, it didn't actually end up happening. And I was pissed. Like, super pissed. 

But most of all, my own reaction surprised me. 

So I thought and I thought... what is behind this reaction? I had been complaining to PFP all week that I didn't actually want it to happen, but then when it didn't happen I got outrageously angry. 

But what I actually wanted was a hobby. A hobby totally separate than my work life. I wanted to be good at something, that was not work. 

And thus, I come back to blogging. Because I really like writing. And I think I'm really funny. And I think if I push enough posts out into the world, I might find one other person who also thinks I'm funny and relatable. HOLLA. 

Those were my thoughts. They seemed a lot deeper and profound when I originally had them, but three days later they're coming out a little limp. C'est la vie, I'll get 'em next time. 

In other news, I'm concerned that the breakfast casserole I made for the week may still be ... raw. This is my fifth morning eating it. It's a little ... wiggly. But Bridget Jones says to embrace your wibbly wobbly bits so I will just keep eating. Right?


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  1. I think you're funny and I am very happy you are back!


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