24 Hours in Baltimore

October 20, 2014

If you give a girl 24 hours in Baltimore, she will probably:

1. Attend a board retreat at a super sweet hotel. 

2. Solidify her reputation to the new board members as "the girl who loves food the most" while delighting in a Cuban dive-bar's epic cuisine. 

3. Make some time to be a good Catholic tourist and visit the first Cathedral in America.

4. Take some selfies with gorgeous old buildings in the background, while wondering if the selfie is really the safest choice given the number of cracked-out looking people standing nearby. 

5. Freak out when her best roomsicle and lover face (and her husband) drive up for dinner at ze best place. You can sit outside on the bay with heaters! It's stunning and gorgeous and so fun and only made my better by the company of two of my fondest loves (one fond love, one fond love's husband).

6. Crush crabs with mallets! Remain hungry after working so hard for food. Order brownie to tide you over on plane.

7. Delight in impromptu visits and dinners, which reassure you that some people are just meant to be friends forever. 

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Have you ever been to Baltimore?


  1. AHHH SO JEALOUS. Next time you come you should come visit ME and we can go visit where Elizabeth Ann Seton lived if you need Catholi-tourism in your life.

  2. Yay! Little Havana is one of my fav Bmore spots! I love their cheap brunch and limitless mimosas and watching all games. Glad you had fun, Baltimore gets a bad rap sometimes.

  3. I mena, that's a pretty awesome reputation you have there.

  4. That looks like a seriously great day! And now I know what to do if I ever find myself with a day in Baltimore!

  5. I live 10 minutes from Baltimore and worked in the Inner Harbor for the past year! You went to some great places :) - Sarah


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