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October 27, 2014

5 Blogtober Prompts:
  • Biggest fear: Never getting married. Happy Monday.
  • Dream Vacation: My grad school best and I are going to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for Spring Break so I'd say that's pretty much a dream vacation. I've never gone anywhere sunny or warm for a SB and I am ready for some "local cocktails" and beach hair.
  • Go-to beauty product: Mascara. Sometimes I see women at meetings who don't wear mascara, and I get super jealous that they can just walk out the house like whut up I got dark eyelashes (naturally). Then I feel the ghost of Sheryl Sandberg standing over me and immediately feel guilty for looking at their makeup and not hearing their words.
  • Favorite book: East of Eden, Steinbeck. This could be a post in itself. Go. Buy. Now.
  • Who'd play me in a movie: Rachel McAdams. Leighton Meester on standby. 

4 Things I Did This Weekend:

  • Got stiffed by a walk-in 12-top. They spent $400 and left me $20. Happy Monday. 
  • Went to a bonfire with co-workers and laughed too hard and snuggled too hard (sue me I'm a touchy drunk) and went down a fond memory lane with Dr. Pepper and Vodka in a coffee cup. You can take the girl out of the sorority, but not the sorority out of the girl. 
  • Built a leaf pile with my two favorite humans.

3 TV Shows I Watched This Weekend:

  • Parenthood
  • ...and I'm out. Shit. 

2 To-Do's For This Week:

  • Get my oil changed. ASAP.
  • Go to bank. Put money in. Immediately take out in form of rent check.

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  1. Embarrassingly enough, that almost sounds like a tip my husband would leave. He's not THAT bad but he is a terribly under-tipper which is why I'm always in charge of gratuity! I think Rachel McAdams would be a perfect you! I think I'd choose Amy Poehler just because I love her so much.

  2. I can't believe they left you $20 on a $400 check. People suck.


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