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October 2, 2014

Helene in Between Blogtober

When I was a child, my dream job was to be Diana Sawyer. I once read an article about how Diana Sawyer's husband was a famous newscaster in LA and she was a famous newscaster in NY, and they only saw eachother once a year (I have no idea if this is/was actually true). This is why I wanted to be Diane Sawyer. Because she cared so much about her career, that she only needed to see her husband once a year. 

I would work it into dinner conversation on the daily about how independent and advanced Diane was for her work-ethic. How she didn't need a man to complete her, bah humbug! I wanted to be a hot, sexy, powerful, respected Diana Sawyer with a husband I saw once a year. 

Now, my dream job is to be a marketing communications executive for Catholic Charities. This is something I am super passionate about. I am a convert to Catholicism, and I have heard many, many criticisms of the Catholic church during my little Catholic lifespan. Here's the thing, there are many, many beautiful things about the Church. One of them is our strong, and continuing, tradition of philanthropy to EVERYONE -- regardless of faith, race, gender, etc. So, if I can help PROMOTE that and help UNIFY people around the idea of CHARITY without bias... then that is a win at the end of the day, to me. 

Not Entirely Perfect

                                             --- SEPT. GOALS LINK UP ------

My September goal was to work out two times a week (slow and steady wins the race!). I actually succeeded! A huge motivator for me was losing weight for my friend's wedding, as well as that whole bra incident. Now that I've purchased new bras, I feel extra motivated to keep up the workouts because THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE AND I MUST FIT IN THEM FOR A LONG TIME, NO CHANGES. 

Anyways, I hope to continue this healthy trend indefinitely (forever?). My only concern is now that it's getting dark out, I don't get as much cardio in because I don't feel super safe running around downtown after class in the dark. Hmm... guess it's time to start using that gym pass? Plus, as classes, papers, midterms and tests start piling up... I know workouts will be the first thing to go from my packed schedule.

Any advice on how to keep fitness a priority?
Who did you want to be growing up?

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  1. So amazing you are doing a job you love and are super passionate about. I'm Protestant, but I agree that there are many many beautiful things about the Catholic church. My best friend is Catholic, but we have always been able to talk about religion freely, with no judgement. Good luck with your October goals!

  2. I love that as a child it was your dream to be so independent. As a little girl I was so set on falling in love, finding my Prince Charming/etc that I dont think I realized how important independence was!

  3. I LOVE your dream job idea! I didn't think of it til now, but I'd love to make my little cantoring job at church a full time Catholic musician.

    Also I think we're getting a ton of positive attention on the fact that Pope Francis is so open to other faiths and is such an advocate for loving everyone

  4. Too much dark is a downer for many reasons - less time to be active outside is definitely one of them.

    Congratulations on meeting your September goals!

  5. Work out in the morning! It helps with a productive day! Congrats on your goals!

  6. I love your dream job! It's so great that you have a passion you want to pursue! :)

    (found your blog during the #blogtober14 linkup and LOVE it!!!)

  7. I think that's such a great dream job! I hope you're able to make that dream come true!

  8. This is such a positive, empowering post! Love your blog :) Just followed you on twitter, GFC and bloglovin!!

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