5 Apologies You Should Make in a Break Up

June 3, 2015

Break ups are hard. We get it. But there's a way to ease that pain, sugar, with five simple apologies you should be making in a break up. 
Have you stopped to pinpoint where the source of post-breakup discomfort is coming from? In the midst of apologizing to former loved ones, have you taken the time to apologize to former loved things? That's right kids, both inanimate and animate objects deserve your apologies during this time!
So if you're still feeling an overwhelming source of angst and anxiety, check in with those inanimate objects around you. Their angst over not being apologized to could be leading to a negatively-charged environment. Would Jesus want your Catholic guilt limited to just human relationships? No! Spread that love with the world of inanimate objects too! 
With just five simple apologies, you could be well on the way to emotional rejuvenation -- thanks, things!

Dear Phone:
Soon, we will return to the easy companionship we used to know -- late night scroll-fests through Twitter. Laughing together at the latest ugly baby photos on IG. My hand misses the soft warmth of your constant weight as well, so I will send it your condolences. But for now... it's back on silent and into the drawer you go. Lo siento, baby. 

Dear Running Shoes:
I know you must think I'm overworking you, but think how I feel... I know you were enjoying your life of leisure, but every vacation must come to an end. Time to get to work. 

Dear Bed:
In. Out. In. Out. I know, you are frustrated by my inability to make up my mind! I am too. I'm sorry for the confusion I have caused you with my indecision. I look forward to resuming normal sleeping/napping patterns soon. I'm sorry. 

Dear Downstairs Neighbor:
I apologize for the amount of late-night redecorating and furniture moving I've been doing lately. All my furniture will stay in one spot now, I solemnly promise. 

Dear Snapchat:
I apologize for abusing your Story feature lately. I know, I know. I should have never put you in the middle of this. You're right. You are far superior to a Tony told Abby to tell Sarah -- but not tell Sarah Tony told Abby tell Sarah -- that he said but didn't say situation. I love you, Sally Snapchat Story. 

Who else should you be apologizing to in a break up?

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