Five on Friday

December 6, 2013

I think all bloggers can relate to the fact that some days, you don't necessarily have the most pressing issues or funniest things in the world to write about...but you just want the theraputic typing to start the morning off right. So I present to you, in no certain order, The Unreal Life's Five on Friday. 

1. Dear Migraine: It was a good two days, and I'm sad to see you go. But not really. You really are the worst type of sickness because I can't watch TV or read without feeling like vomming halfway across the room. I'll miss you, until next month or the month after when you come again. And I can feel you watching me type for real, get gone biatch. Love, Autumn

2. Though of course I just found this little pinterest gem on curing migraines....gonna save that for a miserable day.

3. Sometimes I wonder as humans why we let doubt creep in and spoil so much of what we have. What is it about that little tiny voice that we just let it slip in? When I recognize doubt's presence, I feel like I've already set myself up for disaster. Are there mental exercises you do to keep doubt away? 

4. I've been filling out a lot of job applications, that are going nowhere. They never call back. But I try to remain optimistic and savor my coffee just a little bit more and burrow just a little bit deeper into the couch for my noontime splurge of Nashville. Because one day one of them will go somewhere, and then I won't have Nashville at noon. 

5. My little shirt from Miss Whitney came yesterday, so obvi I had to selfie so hard in front of the Christmas tree. It is legit the softest thing I've ever worn. Is it weird to hope it provides a little inspiration to get back into the bloggy swing of things? 

What are you looking forward to most this weekend?!
Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Dropping in from the link up. Migraines suck so bad. I hope you feel better soon!

    That shirt is awesome!

  2. Gosh don't you just love that shirt?! I got mine yesterday, It fits so good! Sorry about your migraine I get them and they are just the worst!

  3. Love the Whit shirt! They are so cute! Feel better with your headache!


  4. 2. Have you tried Excedrin for your migraine?? I saw that on pinterest too and thought....that's a lot of effort!
    5. Those shirts really are the cutest.

  5. I love seeing everyone in their shirts... they turned out so cute! I wish I would've gotten one. :( We all have those days where we don't have anything particularly interesting to write about, don't you worry little lady!

  6. You look adorable in your 'blog so hard shirt'!

  7. but really. what all these other comments said.
    you are TOO adorable!!


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