My Favorite Valentine: Craig

February 14, 2014

Helene in BetweenIt's not often the men in my life get actual names here on this blog, but today is an exception. With such love like this, who delivered my favorite Valentine's Day ever, I must acknowledge him name and all. 


Wise. Driven. Thrifty. All-encompassing. Craig. 

Founder of...Craig's List.

What does Valentine's Day have to do with Craig's List? EVERYTHING. 

Far and away, my favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day is to read the Missed Connections on Craig's List. Missed Connections is the most hysterical corner of the internet, where people write little love notes to those "missed connections" that fate just didn't quite bring around in time. Like, "I saw you walking out of the gym on 53rd and 3rd. You were wearing a purple tank top I knew it was meant to be." Except usually they're a lot creepier and more hysterical. 

My favorite was one I actually heard on the radio. A woman wrote it for the police man who picked her up for drunk and disorderly in an alley way. She fell in love when he held her hair back while she puked. 

Below is a sample of my faves from the day! Enjoy!

Amélie and Omegle - m4w - 28

We chatted on Omegle. Your favorite movie was Amèlie. I wrote your number down wrong, 
probably cause of the bourbon. Please contact me.

(Sounds promising)

You sold me the octopus - m4w (GR)

You seemed pretty cool. I think we should hang; so say high and we'll share a few hits.

(But why were they selling you an octopus? 
Shouldn't you have your octopus dealer's phone number?)

I seen u on leanard - m4w (NW )

I seen u walking down Leonard and noticed u have a sexy add but couldn't see what the rest of u look like but want too please send pic if u see this

(Hold're going to recognize her by her a**, and a** alone?)

Attention Fastninja The horse man - w4m (Hastings)

Greetings FastNinja
I saw your posting on equestrian singles and I am very interested to meet you. I have been unable to reach you. So even though this is a long shot I wanted to try. Please take a chance and contact me if you see this. Then I will send you my photo and tell you more about why I think we may have a lot in common. Thank you.

(There is literally a dating site for everyone.)


Have you ever had a "missed connection"?
How will you be spending this day of luv?
Happy Valentine's Day, all!

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  1. hahaha! omg i was like where is this going? omg missed connections is hilarious. love this.

  2. It doesn't get more romantic than "You sold me the octopus."

  3. Oh wow....these are so random, and weird...and I probably should never go on Craig's List because I might get sucked in...

  4. Wait, there's an equestrian singles? Out here we have ads for "Farmers Only." The cows are talking and saying, "Where's Jill?" "Oh, she's lonely, out walking the cornfields again." I always laugh when I see that!

  5. HAHA this is hilarious! Especially the last one "a dating site for everyone"

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  6. Missed connections are the funniest thing ever. Craig's List wouldn't be the same without them.


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