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February 10, 2014

Things I regret: not starring more of those "What To Write When You Have Nothing To Write" posts. 

So...I'm leaving it up to you (slash hopefully you're still out there, because otherwise this post will be awkward sauce)...what do you want to see on The Unreal Life?

And while you're thinking, enjoy this Hottie McHotterson who I had the pleasure of seeing preform this Saturday night. To be honest, I am not one for concerts but HOLY MARY POPPINS DID HE BLOW ME AWAY. 

He wrote Kenny Chesney's hit "Come Over" and most recently Keith Urban's newest "Cop Car." And holy shit...I will come over anytime, Sam, anytime. 

What post do you want to see on The Unreal Life?
Leave a question or topic below,
and I will do my best to answer it in my traditionally sassy manner. 

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  1. Give us more about you! 20 things we need to know about you, 10 secrets, anything!

  2. ^^^ I dig that, and lists are easy :)

  3. Agreed. Am I like the only person in the world who actually wants to read blogs that are like: here's just my regular day...possibly in gifs, because gifs are awesome.

    Maybe a life update? Like, how is grad school? How long is your program? Do you love it?

  4. I agree more of you! What's going on in your life, who are you, what's on your mind...

  5. I am totally void of creative ideas (mostly because it's like 6am), but I had to mention that the original video for Come Over is pretty awesome. (although I like this cover, too!) My friend Nick played fiddle for Kenny for like 10 years, I miss spotting him in the videos!


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