Kittens and Kids and Coincidences, Part 1

September 9, 2014

I almost put "Koincidences" so it would be 3 Ks but then I realized that this is a serious post so I should spell correctly, and also that no one should try to aim for 3 Ks because that will probably attract the wrong type of page views and comments, if you know what I mean. 

Way, way back in May, my darling (and most favorite) niece took me to school for "Special Friend Day," which was really Grandparents' Day plus two Aunts. It was adorable and she read a really special poem she had written for me about all the embarrassing things I do (like making up semi-sexual songs about her cat). Then, we had to fill out a workbook about "The History of Us" or something. You know the type, all your favorite things and favorite memories so you can look back in 20 years and say "wasn't your handwriting big and atrocious and third-grade-cute"? 

We're best friends, we hold hands.

The last question I was supposed to answer for her was "What piece of advice do you have for me?" So I wrote something down. And she asked me what it meant. And I said I can't really explain, but one day you'll just understand. You just have to have faith, that everything will work out in the end. 

So speed up. To Saturday morning. When my darling (and most favorite) niece woke me up with an early(ish) phone call of some 9-year-old devastating news about finding her new baby kitten dead. She was a trooper through that phone call. And as if I wasn't broken up enough about this adorable kitten and my poor, sad niece she just really had to take it to the next level. "Do you remember when I took you to school? And we filled out that book together?" she asked me. "Of course," I said. "And you wrote down that quote that I didn't understand?" "Mmhmm." "Well I understand it now, and it's really been helping me today. So I just wanted to say thank you." 

And then she repeated it back to me, that advice that I had written down for a 9 year old who I thought wouldn't understand for some time. 
Everything will be ok in the end; 
so if it's not ok, it's not the end.
Cue the waterworks. 

First of all, you should know that Emma is pretty much my guardian angel sent by God to protect me. That child has given me more then I could ever hope to give back to her. Ever. I try hard to be a good Aunt, but she seriously gives me so much support and grace and encouragement that I frequently feel like our roles have been reversed. So to be able to have finally given her something in return, made me crumble into 9 million pieces of blubbering Aunty mush. Just the idea that in the midst of that sadness something had gone off in her brain to remind her to look for something I had written months ago at the bottom of a school take the time to go and find it and read it and take comfort from it, was too much for this emotional Aunt Autumn.

So now we skip to the Coincidence part...tomorrow, with Part Two.

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  1. Wow. What a special experience to share with your niece. You two have such a great bond. My nephew and I adore each other, but it's just different with boys.

  2. I hope I can have that kind of relationship with my nephew. I was SUPER SUPER close with my aunt (who lived in Kentwood, MI -- so maybe it's a michigan aunt thang) until she passed away a few years ago. So many of the wonderful things in my life are because of my aunt and not a lot of people understand how close a aunt-niece relationship can be. You're really lucky to have that! :)


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