Proof Good People Exist

September 15, 2014

It is known far and wide among Serverland that teenagers are the worst. The worst! So it was with a great big "oh, thanks so much ya crappy, vindictive hostess" that Friday night I went up to my booth of two teenagers. And instantly, I started judging the shiznit out of them. My initial thoughts were Well there goes my tips tonight, which as soon as he started speaking was followed by oh hunny, he has probably cheated on you nine times by now. You know the type -- overly ironed flannel, large diamond studs, talks just a little too loud and excited.

But we started talking. Because there's really not much else to do when you're boxing up people's food table-side besides either catch the glares of your other tables who are pissed they're out of their fourth coke of the night (even though they can see you're clearly occupied with something else) or ignore the rude glares and become completely absorbed in conversation with the table you're boxing up. So I usually choose the later. 

I couldn't help it, they won me over. They were just so genuinely excited to be there and so damn cute with each other. When I asked them if they were celebrating anything special they told me it was their anniversary. Again, instant judgement, I was thinking oh great, one month? Four years. Four. Years. They met in high school (so I was a little off on my age judgments, judge me back) and have been together ever since. 

So I drop their check off, not expecting much but at least grateful the little buggers were cute and talkative. And here is your proof that good people exist: those adorable little teenagers left me $25 on a $30 bill. Do you know what I normally get from teens? $3. These kids. Gah. They blew me away. And sometimes (all the times) you need that as a server. You deal with people who expect you to be more servant, less server and then they tip you 17% and go on their way. So this little reminder that there are good people in the world (and teenagers who tip!) was so pleasant. 

Turns out we even go to the same school! I hope I see them around so I can stalk on their creepy couple cuteness. And if he ever does cheat on her for the first time, so help me God... #truelove #puppyloveforlyfe #youreabirdimabird

What was the best part of your weekend?
Have you seen any proof that good people exist lately? 
I'd love to hear your story!


  1. So glad to have you back blogging! And I am totally with you on the serving life. Sometimes we can judge people so wrong and then they end up being the kindest people you serve all night. Thank God for good people in this world!

  2. This is actually so sweet. I love the little things like this that just restore your faith in humanity (and god forbid even teenagers)

  3. and then this made my cold server heart warm three times over and explode!


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