Move Over, Carrie: On Turning Heads

September 20, 2014

Move Over, Carrie is a when-I-feel-like-it series inspired by taking the wit, 
wisdom and discussion of SATC one step farther. It's your relationships, your life... today.
I was leaving a bar the other night when I caught a man staring at me. Just staring. He was about forty years old. Nondescript. Normal, suburban male. My reaction was immediate fear. I was clearly heading for the door, keys in hand and his stare stopped me in my tracks. Was it safe to leave alone? There were a lot of people between me and the parking garage... but was that enough?
I decided to keep heading out, but when I turned around to look both ways before crossing the street I saw that he had left to. I started getting anxious, really anxious. I quickened my steps, and was shocked when the man passed me on my left -- accompanied by two female friends. He slowed down as he passed and said, "That dress fits you like a glove. You look gorgeous." His two female friends smiled, and then they were off. 
And my first reaction was 
I forgot I could turn heads. 
And that made me sad. 
I felt sad for myself that I had forgotten I was capable of turning heads. That deep down, I had forgotten I was beautiful. There are so many things women think of now when they hear the word "beauty." 
Beauty is fit. 
Beauty is strong. 
Beauty is skinny. 
Beauty is natural. 
Beauty is healthy. 
Beauty is classic. 
Beauty is timeless. 
Beauty is trendy. 
Beauty is neutrals. 
Beauty is... you. 
And that's what we forget the most. I've read so many Pinterest quotes that I quite literally had convinced myself that I couldn't be beautiful because I wasn't fit or strong enough, and I certainly wasn't working on those two things so therefor I couldn't possibly be beautiful or on my way to beautiful. Other women do this unfortunate mind warp too, but maybe with other things -- not skinny, not curvy, not something. 
And I felt sad that a woman's first reaction to catching a man looking at her is to be scared. To instantly assume that another human is either going to hurt you or degrade you... that's sad. 
Wasn't that really one of the most important lessons of Carrie, after all? For all her crazy outfits... wasn't it about walking into a room and having the class and composure and confidence to know that you were possible of turning heads? Not in a conceited way, but a confident way of knowing your own skin and being comfortable in it. Of appreciating yourself from the inside out, in a way that radiates across the room. 
I hope I remember this. 

What distracts your from remembering the real definition of beauty? 

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  1. this is such a great philosphy to have! :)

  2. OF COURSE you are capable of turning heads. What a wonderful reminder and beautiful post.


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