Life of Late: Thursday Eight

September 19, 2013

1. Remember that post about "it's all how you phrase it"? While this photo looks adorable, here is what you're not seeing: the massive explosion of allergies thanks to that harmless looking kitten in the bottom right corner; my sister mocking me through the screen door that's behind me. Also, I was wearing the most adorable fall outfit only to step outside and have it be 80 degrees. Thanks, Michigan.

2. Turned in my first two papers of grad school yesterday. What what. I just want to sleep all day now...but I have more papers. 

3. Training for my new job is Saturday. This girl gonna be a waitress. 

4. It is raining while I type and that is really just perfection. 

5. Can we all just remember how New Girl's Nick Miller went from zero to sexual desire of half of America in approximately two weeks? Remember when he use to wear a lot of dirty flannel and not shower? And then suddenly it was like....scruff and pure sex appeal. The boy from next door gives three hip hip hoorays for Jack Johnson. 

6. Eight things is a lot more than I originally thought. 

7. Last night the marching band decided to practice outside of our classroom window. At first, I was super convinced it was a train (we couldn't see them, just hear them seven stories up). So breakfast-lover turns to me somewhere around their third song and goes "Huh, pretty long train." We got a sass bucket, ladies and gents (actually I don't think any gents read this). 

8. This. My graduate school made national news yesterday after student protest for removing a wrecking ball statue after some kids decide to do naked parodies of Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball music video. There was even a rally last night, with #reinstalltheball blowing up my twitter. So, there you go. 

What's up with your life of late?
Should they reinstall the ball?
Or do students need to be protected from seeing other students swinging naked? 

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  1. That Video...hahahahahha

  2. HA! Dontcha love it when your school makes the news for the most absurd things? That hashtag is the best, btw.

  3. I'm not sure how Nick went from zero to hot, but I don't hate it. I was just reading about the 'removing the wrecking ball' school, so funny that's your school! Good luck with the new job too.

  4. OMG!! The things college guys do!! Too funny! #Reinstalltheball

  5. Way to go school. waaaay to go. Also- 80 degree fall weather is something that I actually miss. Only kinda.

  6. Autumn, I'm disappointed... His name is Jake Johnson. How dare you.

    Also I can't believe that was your school!! That video has literally been all over my Facebook wall and Tumblr.

  7. ok well for what it's worth I WAS attracted to nick but now that everyone else is..i'm over it. also, i cant watch the new girl bc i just hate zooey deschanel. ugh!

    and i was considering getting a waitressing job but i wonder if i'd even get hired being that i'm 28 with no experience whatsoever! i guess ill just resign myself to a life of leisure that being a law student is! haha ;)

    1. You have a gorgeous smile and no one in the world would believe you're 28. You're Hired. Boom.

      (I had no previous experience and literally got hired in 3 minutes. Just smile.)

  8. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! I'm dying over the dude on the ball! Hilarious!


  9. Thats my biggest pet peeve about the fall, the weather changes in 2 seconds and only after you have gotten dressed for the day and are out somewhere. Cold so you put boots on? Turns to sweltering heat the moment you get to your destination. Hot so you don't bring a sweater and wear flats? It's like the arctic the moment you get to that fall festival. Also, that video, I die. Good claim to fame that.

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  10. I saw the thing about GVSU on national news! Like, no way. I think it's really funny...

    FYI - giveaway at my blog!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. Oh man, I can't event count how many times we've heard about the GVSU ball on the news this week (by the way, I was thinking of going to grad school there, too. Still undecided).
    And Michigan is seriously alternating between cold and hot these days!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. Another Michigan blogger--yay! What were you thinking of studying for grad school?

  12. YES. we can compare waitress stories. it'll be a blasty.


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