The Fault In...Me?

September 24, 2013

I've been watching The Fault In Our Stars blow up the book charts for the past few months, like most of America. I've read the countless comments from bloggers about bawling their eyes out etc etc. So I had high expectations. And with it being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I figured now would be the perfect time to read it.

And guys...

...I don't like it. 
(And this makes me feel guilty)

I'm about 2/3 of the way through it, and so far it just reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, plus cancer. It strongly smells of high school old man teachers and sanitary cleaning solutions--I can so clearly see my children having to read this in high school and write five-paragraph essays in Number 2 pencils (because my children will still have to use a notebook, damn it) and answer questions about "What is a legacy?"; "What will be your legacy?"; "What would be your wish?"; "What is the symbolic role of cancer and Augustus' missing leg?"; "What is the role of human connection in life?" Which are all valid questions--they're just so staged. 

I also got to the part where know...and all I could picture was Shailene Woodley having sex with a bunch of tubes coming out of her chest and it was really, really disturbing.

Have you read Fault in our Stars? What did you think?
Do you think going in with high expectations ruins books movies (or life)?

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  1. I couldn't get past the 6th chapter!
    I don't know why, I just didn't understand the hype at all?

  2. John Green is one of my all time favorite authors BEFORE this book came out.
    It's not even so much the storyline that I love. I just think Green really knows how to write well. In every book he has written, he takes such ordinary words and turns them into lines that I find myself wanting to read aloud to anyone who will listen. (I feel like that's one of the lamest things I've ever said, butttt.. I am a high school librarian. So you can't expect much.)

  3. I haven't read it. But I love that you give your opinion. I think it's good to have a different opinion than what everyone else thinks that's what an opinion as they are for!

  4. I actually finished reading this book a few weeks ago! I was very weary to read it simply because the hype was so big, and the fan base was huge. I was afraid I wouldn't like it because all of John Green's fans would like, murder me, but I actually did enjoy it. I liked that the story, as heavy as it is, wasn't totally depressing.

    Looking at it from the standpoint that it's a YA novel, it's written for young people, so it's been created for young people to relate to in it's awkwardness and even includes a lot of internet lingo that John Green and his Nerdfighters are known for. He's a fantastic writer, and even with the similar Shakespearian theme (which a lot of YA novels can be linked to) it's still very original in content and I can respect that. Certainly not something I would have picked up prior to being curious about the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised that I did enjoy it.

  5. Girllllll I love you but you crazy!! Jahah! I LOVED this book! But let me also say that almost exclusively read YA fiction and it is ALL formulaic but this one broke the mold a little but more than what I usually read. Also having lost close family members I just think I related to the descriptions of what it feels like when someone dies so maybe I related to it thought that lens--- and I TOTALLY think that if you have high/ low/ no expectations it changes the experience ..: I prefer not knowing anything before I read a book or what a movie.

  6. It's literally waiting for me to pick it up at the NY Public Library... and I just kind of can't. It was also SUPER highly recommended from blogger readers and I don't know. Maybe I'll request it from the library again in awhile, but I'm truly not feeling it right now. The only "hype" book I actually went through and read was GONE GIRL and I guessed The Surprise Twist by the third chapter.

  7. You've ruined it for me. Just pictured that scene.

  8. I haven't read it, but now I will.

  9. this book review alone is reason enough to make me follow you. i thought i was the only bibliophile without a positive review of the novel. props for speaking your mind against the masses :)


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