Lost Miss America Talents

September 16, 2013

If a Miss America competitor did any of the following for her talent round, I would cheer. Opera singing? Come on. You don't really do that. You dust that vocal chord off once a year or so. What about trying your hand at:

Stand up comedy

Singing on key

Shotgunning a beer

Coupon clipping



Speed gift wrapping

Carrying all your groceries from car to counter in just one trip


Hair braiding

What would you want to see as a talent?
Or, what would your talent be? 

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  1. Nail Painting Without Smudging

    Hand Stands

  2. Ability to make an annoying noise for an embarrassing amount of time.

    I'm thinking shot gunning a beer should be the new thing.

  3. I am the shotgun queen, I could rock that! I'd also rock flip cup, karaoke sing-a-long to Proud Mary, and naked girls photo hunt. Like a boss. Cause those are real talents.

  4. Celebrity Impressions

    10 hot Dogs in 3 minutes.

  5. HAHA! I would love to watch Miss America if any/all of these talents happened. Rapping would be hilarious.

  6. Replies
    1. as a classically trained singer (aka opera singer) I can attest that what you heard the other night was NOT opera. It was a really bad song choice not only because she sucked at it, but also because what she sand was meant to be sung by a man.

      Secondly, I would love to hear valid attempts at singing opera more often in mainstream media. It's a beautiful genre that is sadly not valued by younger people today

  7. Repeat the alphabet in reverse while completing a sobriety test.

    I'd personally love to see all the above and more.

  8. Flaming batons!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Eating wings without getting that shit all over your face.

    Great post by the way!

  10. I think I would die if a contestant went up there and started rapping or doing stand up comedy. Why don't they allow such things? Tired of all the singing and dancing. Let's get original.

  11. mainly i just want to see all of those things combined.


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