Weekend Shennanigans: Showers and Strangers

September 2, 2013

Weekend by the numbers:
9+ strangers met
2 high school reunions on the streets of GR
1 walking taco inhaled consumed
Prayed over by 2 homeless people after giving them a dollar. 
0 strangers with a deck of cards found to satisfy my sister's craving for 1 euchre game
4 hours in the car
1 wedding shower
2 sleepover nights with my bestie

Weekend by the strangers:
1: Professional golfer
2: Has owned own landscaping business since he was 15. Stranger #1 used to drive him around to landscaping jobs before he got his licence. 
3: Big teddy bear. Prays for man he met on mission trip to South Dakota every night. 
Also has said man's name tattooed on his arm. 
4: Lives in the hood. Likes Red Lobster. 
5: Lives in the hood. Has fancy Sean Paul shirt for nights out. 
(*Together, #4 and #5 taught me that "hood" is considered of a higher social stratosphere 
than "ghetto." #themoreyouknow)
6: Nigerian engineer, convinced me he was a "good boy" 
by reciting Hail Mary's in the parking garage.
7: High school friend, still a drummer.
8: High school friend, still a football player, still hot. 
9: Argued about West Michigan economics.

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  1. What a fun way to download your weekend. Lots of strangers met! I had no idea the hood and ghetto were two different levels :)

  2. sounds like a very eclectic and entertaining weekend!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. How the hell do you meet so many strangers? And more importantly, how do you survive these shenanigans?!

    Miss yew.


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