Resurrecting the Routine

September 23, 2013

Blogtember prompt(s): Describe a moment you'd like to relive and react to "Comfort"

Lately, I've found myself missing St. Louis a lot more than I expected. One of those misses where you just want to throw your hands in the air like SJP in The Family Stone and in pure overwhelmed exasperation scream "I didn't know!" I didn't know I would miss you, Lou. I didn't know I would miss your drinking problem. Your baseball problem. Your "no one remembers us and we don't know if we're part of the North of part of the South" problem. Your sweaty humidity problem. I didn't know! 

So while I was driving one day I decided to put the Pinterest quote into action. You miss who you were at that exact moment in time, and knowing it will never be the same. So I thought really hard about what type of person I was in STL. Which I guess is a blog post for another day. But the point being...I realized that I missed the routines. Don't you love a good routine? You settle into them like a comfy blanket and they make a certain place...a certain place. So this weekend, I tried to recreate some of the routines I missed the most from STL--the realistic ones, since I couldn't ship all my loved ones to me. 

So this weekend I:

*Took the entire night off, as if I had a real 8-5 job and not an ambiguous "homework allll the time" job. When I got off of work at 5, I was off. I worked out. Took a walk. And cooked my om-nom-nom-nomiest dinner with copious glasses of wine. And by copious I there any left?

*Slept in.

*When I did manage to roll out of bed, I made coffee and took it nice and slow while reading my blog roll. Once upon a time, I only read blogs on Saturday mornings with a big cup of coffee. 

*Made cookies at 10:30 pm just because they sounded good.

*Engaged in hours of Netflix watching. 
House of Cards...why have we not met before? 
And why must it be so long until we meet again?

*Took my time working out. 
The slow kind where your muscles actually get warmed up and
the endorphins start flowing during the workout to give you extra energy. 

And that's it. Forgive the lack of pictures. But laying horizontal in a pile of cookie crumbs is more akin to fetish pornography than blogging. Xoxo. 

How was your weekend? 
Do you have a favorite daily or weekly routine you look forward to?

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  1. Every time I read your blog, I find we have more and more in common. I too miss the routine of Indiana. Of knowing you only have to drive two minutes to see your best friend, or 10 minutes to get that chick-fil-a you love. I also miss the countless hours I spent watching netflix at my parents because it was free. I too also love SJP in The Family Stone and want my family to be just like that! Hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend and are having a great start to the school week.

  2. you're the six thousandth person to talk about house of cards and all of its amazingness. i must watch it.


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