October 30, 2013

When you don't need to buy dry shampoo anymore,
and your shower schedule never changes.

When Taylor introduced her Someday I Will link-up, I thought this was a perfect time to introduce my latest theory on what it means to be an adult. Think about it. If you don't have a need for dry shampoo, this implies many things: steady job (and needing only one job, because people with two still might have a crazy schedule necessitating dry shampoo); steady income (shampoo ain't no cheap shit, yo); and a steady social calendar. 

But what are the other components of being an "adult"? Things that I will look for and say "I made it"? 

Someday I will:

*Be somebody's best friend, confidant, built-in social activities buddy and all-around #1 pick for marriage.

*Be that "adult" that all the teenagers come to with their angsty problems as they sit at my kitchen counter and I make them food. And they'll watch my hands flip the pancakes with all my eclectic rings and wonder how they can live a life so full, so well-lived and well-traveled. 

*Be my niece's favorite aunt at her high school graduation. 
(Already well on my way to this).

*Be known as the marketing-communications guru amongst the nonprofit community. 
I might even get asked to speak at a conference on the topic, someday. 

*Have one of my short stories published. 

*Be a role model in the church with my husband as an involved couple who truly cares about the community within the church. We'll shake hands with people and volunteer. A lot. 

*Have a full-time job doing what I love for a nonprofit organization. 

*Have a gigantic right-hand diamond ring just because I can. 

And that's it. For now. I want to be a little bit of Sandra Tuohy from The Blind Side, mixed with a whole lot of awesome Autumn, published author, nonprofit marketing-communications guru and sassy old volunteer woman. 

Someday, what will you be?

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  1. I like your ambitions! Especially the well-traveled pancake lady.

  2. Just found your blog through the link up and love it! I'm also a post-grad trying to find my way through adulthood.. boo! Haha

  3. I totally want a gorgeous right-hand ring too!

  4. Love this!!! My favorite "Someday I will" I have read so far!! I too want to "be that "adult" that all the teenagers come to with their angsty problems as they sit at my kitchen counter and I make them food." And the ring one. Yes! Also, I really love your header!
    The Baby Giraffe

  5. One day you'll write a memoir of all your shenanigans on here and become the next Carrie Bradshaw for the 20 somethings out there.

    And that ring? Stunning my lady.

  6. Genious!! I love your big girl plans. You inspire me to also make a list…hmmm…what will it say??

  7. That's a great list! I especially love the 2nd one.

  8. Love this! You have such amazing goals, inspiring!

  9. I'm determined to be my nephew's favorite aunt, too. I think I'm on my way to succeeding, but he has another aunt who is so darned competitive...

  10. haha I love the final summing up I want to be that's awesome and made me giggle.
    Great post and I have to say I've never used dry shampoo and maybe that's because I've technically been an adult since it's been invented ;)

  11. love this list! i'm technically an adult and hope to accomplish some similar things as well. and good call on the right hand diamond ring!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. I love your list, especially the pancake lady with all the life experiences. I want to be the person that my kids, nieces/nephews, kids friends, can come to as well.

    -- SarahChristine

  13. Hi Autumn! I found your blog through the linkup. I love your grownup plans! Someday I'll have a husband and we'll volunteer too.



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