Bow Wow, Bling Wow

October 7, 2013

Well kids, here we are. Another weekend, another update. For most of the weekend, I worked. But Saturday evening I had the pleasant surprise of one of my sorority sisters coming into town so you know what that means...shennanigans. 
Awesome. Glad to see that spelling mistake made it's way in there. Thank you, non-auto correcting Samsung Galaxy for showing off the best of all us sororities girls. 

Shennanigan One: Bow Wow
Earlier this week, I got invited to a fundraising event that one of my classmate's had planned. It was a charity ball for Breast Cancer Awareness featuring none other than DJ Bow Wow. That's right ladies, Lil Bow Wow is all grown up and DJ'in. Tickets were, even by charity standards, a little steep for my waitress blood. So instead, I bribed my seesters with some leequor and convinced them that we could, indeed, crash the Bow Wow concert. I don't think my heart has pumped so hard since I walked up the stairs ever. 

Elevator pictures: proof that I was literally excited enough to pee my pants a little.

Unfortunately, we were stopped at the door by my friend the event planner who gave me a hug, told us we were under-dressed and promptly sent us on our way (making Monday and Wednesday classes potentially the most awkward thing ever). We did however, meet Bow Wow's bandmates (I did not know DJs had bands? Mayhaps they were pulling my leg?) and I got a bracelet from one of them. But the night was not fully lost...

Shennanigan Two: Bling Wow
I found myself a bouncer and got engaged! It was magical. A bride-to-be's mother broke into my bathroom stall and borrowed toilet paper for her shwasty face daughter (legit, I was still peeing on the toilet) and later that night, the darling bachelorette lost her bling. Much to my luck, a handsome stranger (COMPLETE WITH A FULL BICEP MICHIGAN TATTOO DUUUUUUH TRU LUV) picked it up and gave it to me. Now we are in love. 

Just kidding. 

But we did spend the rest of the night meandering around Art Prize (God bless a man who doesn't care if you ask him to take 10 photos of you in front of a statue for your blog) and I learned all about him. We both love road trips and are the youngest of multi-sibling families with wide age gaps. And we love Michigan. Do we need anything more? He is moving to Montana in November to work as a "Mountain Safety Operator" at some resort. AKA I am going to Montana in November to drink hot chocolate by a fire in a lodge. He also spent the majority of the night grabbing my bling and whispering "so much responsibility now."

Like I said kids, I may not be good at breaking into Bow Wow concerts, 
but I am fabulous at getting strangers to tell me their life stories in 50 seconds flat. 

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  1. bahahah "now we are in love"

  2. Haha what a great weekend! I need one like that!

  3. OMG I did not know this about now wo. This makes my day. And y'all make a cute couple- just saying.

  4. GIRL hahahahaha omg congratulations you're going to be a beautiful bride

  5. So apparently tomorrow's Catfish is going to be about a girl who has been in an online relationship with Bow Wow. Did you see her there?

  6. Hhahaha I love this! Congrats on that engagement ;)

  7. Stopping by from the weekend update! Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Love the "engagement" ring! lol

  8. So jealous that you got to see those babes!

  9. so when is the big date?! i'll be anxiously awaiting my save the date.


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