Your First Time

October 2, 2013

Today I want to talk about your first time.

It happens unexpectedly. Any old day. Or night, in my case. In an alley. Last weekend. Homecoming.

I was walking with a friend, fresh case of Mike's in hand, to a party when a random stranger offered us a ride. One, I went to college in the most trusting town in America. This ride offer was not unusual. Two, when I drink, I hug. Every one. So I went to hug the kid who offered us a ride and he literally pushes me away and goes, "You're like...old."

OLD? Not, umm you're a stranger or we just met in an alley. OLD.

This was my first time being called old.
Do you remember your first time being called old?

And now enjoy this photo dump from Homecoming. Except not really because the android app limits the number you can attach. Or maybe I'm just using it wrong?


  1. You are, like, four years old stop it that person is an alien jerk face. Come to my house at bedtime and you will see the eye creams and whatnot. Oh and my "highlights"? White hairs.

  2. You are beautimous and stellar. He can go eat poop for being that rude.

  3. So much love in your photos!! How great that you have such a loving circle of friends. You are super young in my eyes. I am 33 and I feel like a wee pup still. So much to learn, so far to grow.

  4. Well isn't he just a sweetheart. I mean who tells people they are old? Especially people who AREN'T old? It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm sure it's coming

  5. Oh, no!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. OMG! What a sweet child... NOT. I don't want to ever be called old haha

  7. You are not old at all, that kid is ridiculous! haha

  8. you lost me at "case of mikes."


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