Bandwagon Weekend Recap #392843

April 29, 2013

"On Mondays we talk about our weekends" whisper all the bloggers over their keyboards this morning. So lets get to it!


Fish sticks and mac and cheese. Literally. All weekend. Went through a whole box of fish sticks. I just couldn't stop. It was like greasy bar the comfort of my own home. 


Absolutely nothing. It was so good. After these busy past three weekends (getting stuck in airports, catching taxis and trains and my weekend-long booze fest at the gay bar), I needed some down time. I turned off my phone. I put it in a place I couldn't see it. And then I just had me time (read: consumed fish sticks by the dozens). 

I had a Netflix binge on a new show that did not disappoint:
Anyone else watch it? Anyone else find the president like a creepy version of Christian Grey? So many one-word orders. Also, I don't like the pathetic doe eyes Olivia gets every time he talks to her. She's a powerhouse...until a married man talks to her and then she's like "womp womp can't breathe can't talk must do what you say." I'm not sure that there relationship was ever shown enough for me to buy into the way she just completely lays down for him whenever he comes around buuuuuuuut...I'm still going to finish it =)

I celebrated my sorority's Founders' Day with brunch at a club that "does not permit the use of name tags." Okaaaaay. Ohhhh St. Louis. You constantly surprise me with your hidden love of pompous richness, and this club showed that to a tee. Besides the chandeliers and antler-decor, I loved all the old women. It's so inspiring and encouraging to see these women who show up event after event, and have truly found comfort and friendship in this alumnae club. We had a panel of women, one woman for each decade going all the way back to the 40s, talk about what Pi Phi was like in their day. It was beautiful. 

I went to the gym TWICE. Hollaaaaah. Nothing like a good Sunday afternoon when NO ONE is there to test out all the weight machines and look like a fool pump iron.


The main part of "me time"? Reading. I forget how much I love to read until I get into a book and the familiar feeling of not wanting to take over until you finish takes over. I finished two books this weekend:

Absolutely perfect beach/summer read.  

The book I am literally texting all of my friends and family about. If you follow me on Twitter, sorry I'm not sorry for the excessive shout outs about this book. I want everyone to at least have the option to know it's name and read it. 

Before foster homes, before child services, there were orphan trains. From 1850-1929, over 200,000 American orphans were put on orphan trains and paraded through the Midwest. They would make stops at stations along the way, giving the children away to whatever family showed up. Sometimes it ended well, sometimes it ended horribly. Often, it was less of 'we want a child' and more of 'we want an indentured servant.' I had never heard of this part of American history before, and now I'm hooked. I want to read more memoirs and accounts from people who were on these trains. Did you know there are whole reunions and support groups for these people?!?! There are about 100 original "riders" still living today.

This novel has two plot lines that intersect: the story of a girl on the orphan train, and the modern day story of a girl in the foster system. While telling their individual stories, it also brings the two women together so they can learn from each other. 

Phew, longest recap. Off I go! Must make it through the work day so I can get to my HOT DOGS later =)


  1. Hi from Mingle Monday! I haven't gotten into Scandal, and your summary is right on with the impression I've gotten from it. lol. And I think I'm gonna have to check out Orphan Train. Looks so good!

  2. That book sounds insane. I had no idea orphan trains existed.

  3. I love do nothing weekends. Netflix binging is the best, I'm on Fringe.


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