There's a Job for That?

April 9, 2013

Remember when you were a little kid and you would hear a really cool job title or description and just be in awe. I can do that? I can get paid to do that??? However, some jobs...I'm still not certain why/how they exist. Some jobs just make me laugh. And I don't understand them.

Example A: that awkward podium man on Jimmy Fallon
You know, that guy who just stands/leans on the podium and occasionally laughs into the microphone or repeats a word that Jimmy has said, and then Jimmy turns to him and stares and half-laughs as if podium-man's repeated word just made the joke 80 times more awkward funnier. WHO IS THIS MAN?!?!?! AND WHAT IS HIS PURPOSE???

Extensive Internet research reveals he is Steve Higgins, "Announcer." Really? His bio is pretty impressive. Former writer for SNL and The John Stewart Show. And now he leans against a podium.

Example B: the person who films intro/mood scenes
Ok, this one is hard to name. I'm talking about at the beginning of a reality television show (think Kardashians), where they just show a random conglomeration of people laying on the beach, walking in the street, or drinking a soda on a corner. Or on Oprah's Master Class we're their filming rain while having an emotional voice over from someone talking about their life lessons. I imagine their biggest concern being whether the story calls for pounding rain, torrential rain, spring rain, thunderstorm rain, or just a light drizzle. Will it be hitting a window, or a puddle? Will a random foot walk through it? If so, who is the random foot??? Also, for every one person who picks the type of rain to show there is also one "rain expert" if you will -- their boss who approves it and says "yes, that is the right rain!" Do you think they get really embarrassed if their boss is like "mmm I think this calls for rain on an umbrella, but good try."

Example C: Reality TV Reinactor-Actors
I'm talking about the people who fill in for "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Talk about an awkward casting call. "We'd like you to be eating pizza and then suddenly give birth."

What jobs do you find insanely weird? 


  1. Omg I love the last one!! I always laugh at shows, especially the medical ones, where there is some sort of bizarre reenactment. Such a weird role to slap on your resume!

  2. hahahaha you crack me up girl!! :) Loved all of this, I have often wondered how people feel about cast in "the ugly girl part" or "the fat loser guy" I mean... eek haha But people do it!!!

  3. I know a girl who did the whole "reality tv re-enactor" thing. She is just as insane as you would think.

    1. umm can i interview her? haha. just kidding. but not really.


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