Where it all began

April 24, 2013

40 year old men love me. And strangers. Strangers love me.


  • 40 year old single dad who followed me around in the grocery store
  • 40 year old man who came up to me at Starbucks and asked if I wanted to get coffee
  • Homeless man who offered me his phone number because he "thought everyone could use a friend"
  • Stranger who let me eat their hamburger
  • Stranger who offered me a ride home from the Megabus
  • 40 year old man in airport who told me I looked beautiful that day
  • Three 40 year old men who came to my rescue that moment and helped me find a cab
  • 40 year old man at Chicago Union Station bar who told me he "wouldn't creep on me too much"
  • Stranger who tried to hook me up with his son at a bar
  • Strange taxi cab driver who gave me a kiss on the cheek
And the list goes on and on. While I can't seem to find any men my own age to hit on me, never fear...a 40 year old is near. Sometimes I ask myself, why? Why me? Is it my baby pudge cheeks? My lack of makeup? My split ends? Do I look young enough to be a prize, but just hot mess enough to be attainable? When did this start?

Answer: 2006. Junior year of HIGH SCHOOL. And the proof is in this photo. 

My friends and I went to France on a school trip, and my friend Cade and I shared a camera. Flipping through our photos a few weeks later, we found this gem (ignore my model half-smile)

I'll tell you who...my first-ever creeper.

The Unreal Life: attracting strangers and old men since 2006. A legacy of creepers. 


  1. HAHAHAHA that 2006 photo is amazing, i'm kind of obsessed with you too now.
    But I'm only 28 and only kind of a stranger, so it's legit. You can eat my hamburger any time...

  2. hahaha, have no fear a 40 year old is near. love it, thanks for the smile :)


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