That time I told my niece Mary was an attention-whore

April 11, 2013

I didn't hear the tornado sirens, but I did see the pack of five moms running in unison and that's kind of the same thing, right? That's right. I survived my first Missourah tornado.

Consequentially (not really, the storm has nothing to do with it) I am having immense writer's block. I read a blog today that really struck a chord with me when the writer said that blogging forces her to be more present in the moment and drag things out. Because really, our life is funny and it is adventurous, but so often we're waiting for "the next big thing" that we miss it. So, while I'm here, I want to remember being here. And a huge part of my life here in good ol' Missourah has been the kids I get to work with in the nursery. I recently realized that perhaps my sass has gone a little too far, especially when it comes to children. I imagine their not listening...but they could be...So for now, until my writer's block heals, enjoy the following sample of my sassy-child interactions.

12-year-old: hey! hey! hey! 
me: WHAT
12-year-old: i got a lunchbox (he has been repeating this for about 30 minutes, 
and I finally catch on)
me: yeah? did you get the velcro too? 
*12-year-old's mouth drops open in utter horror*: how do YOU know that song???

*church choir singing*
6-year-old girl: this music SUCKS
me: HEY. That is the music of the LORD. 

Israel (the special needs boy I watch, who has absolutely no sensory perception) has developed a new habit of whenever he's in a crowd, just putting his arm straight out (Hitler style, no joke) and pushing through into anyone in his way until they move. So of course, he does this to a 60 year old woman, and of course, his hand comes to the height of her butt. Which he proceeds to push on. For a few too many seconds. 
Me: Israel! If you're gonna touch her butt, you could at least say hello!
Creepy 70 year old man behind me: Heh heh, he's just starting early. 

And now...the grand finale. Throwback the love of my the Christmas nativity story. Please enjoy the key parts where I teach her that:

 +Mary was "big and fat and pregnant and this made her very tired"  
+Jesus's "first friends were other animals in the manger, who he sometimes slept with but surprisingly never crushed him
+Mary loved all the attention she got when the three kings came bearing gifts

And yes, she does jump in shock when I sneeze at the end. Seriously. Best 5 minutes you'll ever spend.
(Also, sorry I'm not sorry I'm not a professional videographer and at one point my fat fingers cover the mic for like...a minute. But just turn your sound up, it's still gold!)

Like I said...I should watch what I say more...

Day made? You're welcome.


  1. Love your blog! Thanks for finding me. :)

  2. too funny! I have a smile on my face and that did make my day! *laughing* :) oh and...bless you!

  3. This post seriously made me laugh out loud at work which I needed today!
    Have a great weekend

  4. I cannot stop laughing at this entire post, and that video!!!

  5. You are too flipping funny sometimes. :)


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