Catching Up: Brunches, Weekends, Tricks and More

April 2, 2013

Oh heyyy. Wanted to share a little love and a little update of what's been going on. I know...weekend updates take place on Mondays, not Tuesdays,, I'll do it when I get to it.

Last weekend was a grand ol' time. I volunteered for my alum club's Fraternity Day of Service. Our fraternity's philanthropic focus (or "thrust" as the 80-year-old woman volunteering with me kept saying) is literacy. This year, we set up in a local Barnes and Noble and handed out stickers, bookmarks, Dr. Seuss hats and activity and coloring sheets to kids in their children's section. I forgot how much I love their kids' section. The other volunteers and I spent a solid four hours reminiscing about our favorite kid's books, coloring with kids and scoping out single dads (well, that might have just been me).

Sunday, my boss invited me and my fellow orphan-coworkers to Easter dinner at his apartment. I promptly freaked out and threw the contents of my closet on the floor. I told my roommate "Two gay men are throwing a brunch. I am not fashionable enough for this." True life. If I spent half as much time getting ready for work/daily shtuff as I did getting ready to go to dinner with two gay men, I might have a boyfriend. #whitegirlproblemzzz for dayzzz.

But the weekend didn't end there. No, no it did not. The glorious April Fool's Day kept the party going in full force on Monday. Here is a little summary of my awesome shennanigans:

-Joined forces with Miguel's, the bachelor who sometimes cooks, little brother who I affectionately call "Jail Bate." Convinced Miguel I sent Jail Bate a box of condoms signed with a note from Michael that they should probably have the sex talk soon.

-Told my Dad that I had gone up to my apartment and someone was waiting for me (WRONG choice of words. He had a heart attack and thought I got robbed/attacked). Continued poor prank by telling him RRR, of Bass Pro Shop and speed dating fame, got back together and were planning on moving in together. Father told me I was a little shit, but that he still loved me.

-But the trick to top all tricks was the brainchild of me and my lovely roommate, Alex. Alex and I decided to tell our boss that she was moving to New Mexico to be with her boyfriend, and that since I couldn't afford to live here on my own I would have to quit . She went on and on about how she would like to remote in and needed to be there to support her man during his residency. Much to our surprise, he simply pulled out this notepad and was like "Ok. Uh huh. And what's your timeline?"

We had more elaborate things planned, but he took it so seriously that we were completely thrown off. Like, really? We can just walk in and say we want to move and remote in and all you do is ask us what our timeline is? Can I remote in too?
We were thrown, to say the least.

What did you do for April Fool's? Any tricks and giggles?

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