5 Ways to Win a Wedding

November 12, 2013

Hello lovebugs and lovebirds and other humans reading this blog. Today we're doing a wonderful, wonderful thing called congratulating my friend Alison on one month of marriage. Alison and I are sorority sisters, and we first met because she fed me cookies after my New Member test (winning) while commiserating over the chemistry department (Alison winning, me not so much). 

If you have to attend a wedding solo, here are 5 ways to guarantee a wedding win:

1. If the theme is cake, try all the cake. Three flavors is three flavors too AWESOME. Get in there girlfriend, and get that cake. It's all in the name of celebration. 

2. Shut the dance floor down with your favorite undergrad cohorts...and grandma. Because the only person who should be stomping louder to wagon wheel than fraternity and sorority boys is the best grandma ever. Period. 

3. Be ordained as the official live tweeter and instagrammer of the event. 

4. Enjoy the snarky things the officiant says, and laugh loudly. Point in case: "I've never seen as many republicans in one room as at the marriage of Dan and Alison." Holla for yo' Hillsdale, homeboy. 

5. Catch the bouquet. 

So thanks, Alison my little love love, for planning such a fabulously fun wedding. And for answering the following questions about your first month of marriage! 

Describe a moment when you just knew you wanted to marry Dan. There's a lot of little moments. On the first night we really hung out together, when I was leaving it was raining and he kissed me on the forehead. Leaving me silly voicemails -- one time I think he said he had killed Santa. Oops. Being together doing practically nothing (read: me taking a nap and pretending to study physical chemistry and him actually reading) and being perfectly content. But I think the kicker is this: feeling like a part of you is missing when they aren't with you and that amazing peace you have when you are together.

What was your favorite part of your wedding beside the obvious marrying your best friend? Wearing my dress. I wish I could wear it every day.

What are three things you've learned in the first month of marriage? 1. You have to have enough food in the fridge to feed two people. This is kind of basic, but I've lived alone for the last three years, I am used to a pretty simple (read: cheap) diet. You can't feed two people on that, especially not when one of you is 6 foot 2. 2. You will still keep learning about the other person and teaching each other new things. The concept of folding socks was absolutely alien to Dan. This still astounds me. (He also loves how neatly I fold. It's the small things!) 3. Procrastinating with another person is way more fun than procrastinating alone. We have a Wii with Netflix now. We are completely useless human beings.

Any advice for couples spending the first few months of marriage semi-long distance? I try to keep a very similar schedule as what I used to before we were married so it's less "OMG I'm married and I'm alone!" because I was alone most of the time for the previous three years, so why is it really all that different? (Surprise! It's not.) I think that if we weren't able to see each other every week or every other week for a few days, it would be much harder, so we are definitely lucky in that respect. Don't let them realize that you haven't actually done dishes since they left. Be productive in your time alone. It's hard, but it doesn't do anyone any good for you to mope around while you're alone. Even if it is working on a hobby that your husband/wife has no interest in or spending time with your single friends, don't be a mopey Molly.

I need an embarrassing story. We're there any dates you went on with Dan that just didn't go right? We're not exactly good at surprises? Dan bought tickets to a Christmas show two years ago and wasn't going to tell me what it was until we got there but then he slipped in the parking lot of the restaurant before the show. Our college dates at his apartment were frequently interrupted by his two roommates. On Halloween, we went to get a snack from the kitchen and there were hussies dressed up as a bumblebee and a ladybug (??) flirting with his roommates. To be perfectly honest, we don't do a lot of "dates" because we're proud homebodies. We go out to dinner, try to behave ourselves in public, go home and put our PJs on.

Want to make your heart melt? The arrow on her bouquet is the official badge of our sorority, Pi Beta Phi. The chapter that Alison volunteers with as an alumnae advisor has a special "bride badge" that they have been giving to brides from the chapter for over a 100 years. 
Cue heart melt. I die. 

Thank you for letting me be part of your celebration. 
I absolutely adore you and your wonderful family, 
and would help your Dad set up a chocolate fountain any day. 

And don't forget to check out Alison's blog, Little Bunny Quilts. Because her sister (AKA my college roommate and bestie and #livedating friend) and her have this seriously UNREAL ability to make gorgeous quilts. Never have I ever wanted a quilt....until I met Amanda and Alison (and their mom). 

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