Overcoming the Odds: True Tales of Friendship

November 7, 2013

Last weekend, I was talking with one of my very dearest sorority sisters about how hard it is to make friends in graduate school. Most of us work and attend school, so free time is limited and we really only see each other in class. That doesn't mean we don't want to be friends, it just means that the relationships go a lot slower than they did in undergrad (understandably). So as we wandered around the Art Museum Gift Shop, looking at miniature art and pop-up books, I started telling her about Breakfast Lover. Until finally she turned around and goes "I don't know what you're talking about. Clearly you have a friend." 

I do. 
I have a grad school friend. 
And so now, we're going to blog about that friend. Because--well, duh. 

Friendship (in grad school) is:

1. Knowing the right way to motivate eachother. 
Me: "Breakfast lover, I need you to help motivate me to stay awake long enough to study for this test."
BL: "Ok. You want more pictures of my cat?"

Why yes, yes I do.

2. Bonding over mutual weirdest quirks. 
Once, I confessed to BL that there was one song I wanted to listen to over and over because it was so beautiful, but it was also so depressing that I didn't want people to get scared and think I was suicidal. Did he ever have this problem, I asked.
"Every day. You have no idea."

And we proceeded to exchange heart-crushing, tear-inducing sad songs for the next two hours.
Because that is completely normal. 

Say Something - A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera) by NewThingRadioWeb on Grooveshark
The song that started the two hour soul fest.

3. Checking in.
BL: "Is it wierd if I have a really big obsession with Lorde right now?"
Me: "She is 16."
BL: "I know, that's why I had to check!"

4. Helping them with their grammar. 

5. Distracting them during intense class presentations by making funny faces. 

6. Apologizing when you're wrong.
Dear BL, I'm sorry I tried to convince you to sell one of your sisters to be Alaimo's girlfriend in hopes it would make him less of an a**hole. 

Do you have any little things that make you go "oh yes, this is a friend!"?
Are there any weird quirks you and your friends have?

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  1. It is totally hard to make friends as an adult! I was lucky to have a really great group of girls that started grad school around the same time as me and 3 years after graduating, I just went to one of their weddings!

  2. making friends in grad school IS SO HARD! i have like 1, working on 2 friends in law school .. but even my "best" law school friend i've known now since school started and we've yet to hang out outside of the lawbrary. = /

  3. My grad school experience was so different. We were all together in the same dorm and we worked in teams so often. There was so much love and connection and acceptance in our group of 50. I beam everytime I think of those people.

    I'll be your friend!


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