Dear Starbucks, and other shennanigans

November 25, 2013

I want to talk about this. 

Every time I went to Starbucks in Missouri, EVERY TIME, every time for A YEAR....they would write "Ana" on my cup. I have slurred, blurred and twisted my tongue every way possible to try and figure out how they got my name into Ana. And this happened yesterday. Brand new--Atum. Up and atum! But the real thing that just boggles the that no matter what they write on my cup--Ana, Anna, Atum--they always call it right. How do you look at a cup that says Ana and go, that's right, this is actually Autumn? And usually it's a different person. The cashier writes it, the barista calls out "Autumn!" WHAT? Is there a secret Starbucks name cheat sheet by the milk foamer? 

Anyways. Besides that this weekend, I worked worked worked. Slowly burning my finer pads off on too hot dishes. Saw the new Vince Vaughn movie--some good laughs, some good tears. I went to breakfast with my two favorite Mexican divas. And drove down to Kalamazoo for some quality AAC time. Each of our Pi Phi chapters is served by a group of alumnae, who generally make sure the chapter is functioning, the girls aren't dying, etc., etc. It's a lot of fun. 

I worked my last lunch on Friday. Of course, now that the semester is over and I actually have free time, the restaurant decides not to be open for lunch anymore. So, let's see how all this daytime-freetime works out. Maybe I can actually manage more than two posts a week, say whaaaat.

How does Starbucks mess up your name?
Do you think they have a name cheat sheet?

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  1. Starbucks really only messes up my name by using all the accepted permutations of "Alison". It's not that exciting.

  2. True story: because my Real Life Name is VERY often misheard and thus misspelled, I 99% of the time tell people my name is Blair. BLAIR. Not hard. Maybe Blaire. But yeah.... when I got "Erica" after ordering a latte for Blair, I just threw in the gd towel.

  3. I love the Starbucks name mistakes. My friend Jeanette started posting on Facebook all of the different variations she has gotten over the years. Her favorite is Jeantt.

  4. My name is Amanda so it's pretty fool proof. You'd think Autumn was fool proof too, though! haha

  5. They never ask me my name and now I feel a little left out that I've never had my name spelled wrong. If you came up to me at Starbucks and I didn't know how to spell Autumn, I would just write Fall... ok sorry. I wouldn't really do that, I was just trying to make a funny :)

  6. I feel your pain. Everyone messes up my names. No one can ever spell my first correctly, even though it's spelled like it sounds. My last name is only four letters long... but it's three consonants in a row followed by a single vowel. I think that confuses people. They feel like a letter is missing. At this point, I've learned to roll with it.

  7. They messed up my sister's name royally once or twice.. Her name is Nathalie and they wrote "Narly"
    They always write "Emily" on mine... Common mistake. Oh well.

  8. This post makes me want a Starbucks coffee. YUM!!

  9. ah Atum! Your weekend was spent "slowly burning [your] finer pads off"?! Everyone make spelling errors -- from baristas to bloggers!

    1. I will never for the life of me understand why you defend baristas!!! You said the same thing when they called me Ana!

  10. My name is Karen. How they ever got Veronica out of that, I will NEVER UNDERSTAND.

  11. people and their atrociously inaccurate spelling are just plain lazy and i want to dick punch them.

  12. When I went to Dominos to pick up my pizza I had to tell the guy my name THREE times because he thought I kept saying "Candy Corn." My name is Katie.


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