Young Professional Nightmares

November 26, 2013

You know what sucks about being a young professional? 
Almost everything. 


But after a full day of updating my resume and all that other young professional are a few of the biggest nightmares I've found. 

1. LinkedIn
Really? I just sent you a beautifully formatted PDF of my resume and now you're going to double check my shitty electronic version of it as well? 
Are you kidding me?
Just ask for one or the other. 
And people who have strict requirements that don't enable you to send connection invitations unless you know 5+ of the same people, etc., etc. YOU KILL ME. 
You make me feel like a stalker. 
I just met you yesterday, let me connect damn it. 


2. Networking
Everything is a networking event. 
The word itself holds connotations of awkward corners, sweaty palms and stale cookies. 
I tried telling my sister once (pre-M, of course) about how I couldn't tell if this person was interested in going on a date or just like...being friends. 
She goes, "either way, it's great networking. You never know what could happen in the future."


So now I not only have to vet my potential dates for longevity, quality and potential love match I also have to keep them in mind for NETWORKING?!?
"How do you feel about adopting children? 
Aaaaand...what do you look for in potential employees?
Are you hiring?
No no, not the girlfriend position.
Second date? 
I'll give you a second date for a first interview.

3. Time suck.
The time suck that is being a young professional. 
I can't even begin to describe. 
You can spend all day working on your resume, your online presence and filling out applications and 


You look at the clock and four hours have gone by. 
You know you were working diligently. 
But besides a stupid LinkedIn profile,
there's really nothing to concretely show for that time.
It all seems so...trivial. And yet, hello, there goes your whole day.

I need a glass of wine. 
Good grief. 

What are your young professional problems? 
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  1. YES. 100% YES! I just, I can't. Wine really is the only cure to that. And LinkedIn sucks.

  2. I've been steering away from LinkedIn but I feel like it's inevitable that I'll have to use to soon. That line from your sister is hilarious! Perfect GIF to match that :)

  3. Ughhh you nailed the head on this!!!

  4. I like LinkedIn in the sense that I have gotten a job just by sending someone to my LinkedIn account.

    That said, I hate when you send a PDF of your resume and are then asked to answer all the same questions and link to LinkedIn. Pick one. The worst of the worst is when they ask if you want to auto fill using your resume and then it auto fills your information in the wrong places.

  5. haha I get all of this. btw, I got my current job through LinkedIn so keep at it!

  6. YES YES YES. I can relate to basically every point of this post. And all of that shit doesn't end when you get that first real job. It's all that PLUS actual work because you're still looking for something better than an entry level position. Ahh now you have me all worked up too hahaha

  7. I've never been on LinkedIn before. I'm so out of touch!

  8. I had no idea employers look at Linked In after I've sent a resume, I thought it was just a way to be nosy about where my past co-workers work now.

  9. I'm getting ready to dip my toes back into the job search market and these are the things that make me want to just stay at my current job with the low pay and the 60 mile commute.

  10. mainly i just want to stop getting invites to LinkedIn.
    make that stop happening.


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