These Things Happen

November 13, 2013

This is truly an appropriate Hump Day post. 

I spent all day yesterday typing the most magical collection of bullshit sentences ever composed into a six page paper. One of those bullshit pieces where you're not sure if you want the teacher to call you out on your total bullshit or if you want to get away with it. 

I thought I had gotten away with it. 

Until I handed it to my friend minutes before turning it in so she could skim the bullshit and get a few laugh. Well, she got a few laughs. And a few laughs turned to streaming tears from both of us as we found the most glorious typo I've ever turned in. See, I had italicized something as a note to myself. A "I know this can be said in a better way, I'm just not sure how yet" visual cue to myself. So right there, in the middle of my already-submitted-electronically, ready-to-hand-in paper, is this:

These things happen. 

THESE THINGS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. We couldn't stop laughing. So much so, that during our five minute break the professor came over to ask me if I was ok. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. 

Today, the library emailed me to tell me I have a $50 fine in overdue books. Apparently, it's a $1/day. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. 

I spell restaurant a different way, wrong, every single time. THESE THINGS HAPPEN. 

Happy hump day. 
Have any "these things happen" moments lately?

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  1. Ooooh no! Maybe your professor will get a laugh out of it just like you! :)

  2. These Things Happen is the new c'est la vie, yes? TTH #TTH Let's hashtag the shit out of this.

  3. OOh for example -- I picked up a purse from being cleaned last night and thought I'd taken all of my personal effects out of it. However when I opened it, I found items. FOUR items. TAMPONS. Just flying free at the bottom of this purse. These Things Happen.

  4. you make me giggle. and the typo story is probably one of the best i've ever heard.

  5. After five years of working in the restaurant industry, I still am not sure how to spell that word. Feeling you in the school world. November always seems like the roughest month of school to me.

  6. LOVE this typo. And I agree with the let's make it a hashtag thing. It'll be so fetch

  7. I hate the word restaurant! Hardest word to spell ever!

  8. I hate the word restaurant. I spell it wrong all the time. Thank goodness for spell check.

    Also, my boyfriend gets super annoyed that I never listen to voice mails (ain't nobody got time for that). Glad to know I'm not the only one who does that.

  9. I am ALWAYS misspelling the word restaurant. In fact, as I typed that I had to look at the comment above mine to make sure I was spelling it right.
    And I never listen to voicemails either. Just hang up and text me, k? Saves us both the hassle. ♥

  10. OUCH! Sounds like its been a bit of tough luck for you!

    I have been BLACKLISTED at the library......... and at a few rental stores for movies!! I'm terrible :( I just forget or don't have time as I'm too busy blogging about the movie I watched or book I read or whatever floats my boat that day!! Completely unintentional until I get my FINAL WARNING notice like they are about to arrest me!

    Also every single time I dial to listen to my voicemails (once a year or so...) it usually has that annoying voice saying, 'Three.Messages. Have. Exceeded. Their. Storage. Licence. And have been deleted from your mailbox!!! First. Message....." its so happy when it mentioned deletion. Bastard..


    I'm a new follower! :)

    PS I struggled to correctly spell Restaurant for ages... until I started dating a restaurant manager..... that helped a tad .. somehow... ;)

  11. Yes! Someone else who doesn't know how to spell restaurant! (OHMYGODTHATSTHEONLYTIMEIVEGOTTENITRIGHTONTHEFIRSTTRY!)


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