Friday Letters

February 22, 2013

Dear Missouri children: You appear to have super warfare germs. I believe that if a nuclear bomb hit America, you would still survive because you are terrifying and indestructible. This would also be good because you're very stocky and pure-American and would repopulate America quickly. However, I'm still scared of you.

Dear Lena Dunham: Why did you write a show about 20somethings to celebrate being a 20something and encourage 20somethings to embrace it and enjoy it, but put it on a channel most 20somethings can't afford? Thanks for educating the 40somethings who can afford it about what it's like to be 20something.

Dear Missouri Governor: This was my face when you declared a "state of emergency" when I could still see the grass (wooooaaaaah crazy snow storm!),
but regardless--thanks for the snow day.

Dear horror movie previews: stop popping your way uninvited and unexpectedly into my living room while I'm innocently watching the Kardashians. 

Dear Target: You win again. Resistance is futile.

Dear Hair: Thanks for the reminder this week that you do not like any hair products whatsoever. In line with this, thanks for being so agreeable and just laying flat and pretty most of the time.

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  1. Hey girl Hey!!! Glad I came across you in friday's letters! I'm going to enjoy reading your post for sure!


  3. bwahahahaha I just laughed right out loud! I am glad I found your blog. Over from Friday Letters. That face priceless and was the face I gave when they gave us a snow day when you could see the grass lol but when it was below zero and freezing they had school ha! I think our kids here in WV would give ya'lls a run for there money on the germies lol omg this flu thing is crazy I am so glad my Kelcee hasn't caught it but it seems everyone else has eeep! I totally agree about Lena Dunham lol she educated me and I'm in my thirties bwahhahahaa ok I'll stop lol! I was just talking to the hubs about the horror previews lol funny you posted it ha! We were watching a show and a horror preview came on and I made him turn it ha!

    1. girl, thanks for all the love!!! Thank God someone besides me finds my letters entertaining =)

  4. To the MO are spot on! I'm from Indiana, and we never cancelled school before a snowflake touched ground. And rarely canceled things when there was actual snow. It's crazy how scared people are about snow around here!


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