Mardi Grammys: Weekend Update

February 11, 2013

Celebrated the end of PTL problems by tanning, gyming, and drinking.

My first ever Mardi Gras. Or as I like to call it, the all-day adult frat party. How is it an adult frat party? Well first of all it starts at like 8 am (not cool) and goes all day, just like a real day of work. Also, your boss is there--but unlike work work, you give a running jump and hug because you're two hurricanes in and the world seems like such a happy place!

It is also the perfect holiday for needy, insecure people because you get immediate gratification through BEADS--a direct representation of how much people like you and how pretty you are. And there are so many different kinds too! Heaven. After collecting my beads and bar hand stamps, my friends and I closed the evening with some Downton Abbey (holla), and I also sang a little diddy to my friend's cat (yeah, I took our friendship there).

Wrapping it up with some Downton Abbey 


***Afterword: So, this happened. That's right, my boss sent me this today. Apparently I also made besties with his boyfriend and we proceeded to make a valentine for our dear boss/boyfriend.

If you read last weekend update, you know recovery is not a quick thing for me. So Sunday went slowly, and mostly in my bed. Until I moved to the couch to watch the Grammys. Also, live tweeting the Bachelor and awards shows is one of my most favorite thing ever. Anyways, general comments about the Grammys:

  • Taylor, hope you were taking notes from Miranda on what a real country performance looks like (and sounds like). Also, noticed you had to bring a girl(space)friend because you scared all the boys away. I suggest you try eating a cheeseburger every once in a while--you'll look less like a fragile, breakable creature and it will even out your crazy mood swings. 
  • Adele, you're still my top betch and an inspiration  Best presenter speech all night: "Whoever wins best album of the year usually goes on to huge international fame. Or, they just get knocked up like last year's winner."
  • Between JT's sudden switch into sepia tone, Carrie Underwood's dress, the Bob Marley tribute and Frank Ocean's wierd background video of cheerleaders flying over mountains, I found myself questioning my sobriety at several points that evening.

  • Grammy categories that should've been: Best Lipsync, Most Overused Commercial Song
  • I don't what "Urban Contemporary" is, but I do know Chris Brown lost and that makes me happy/puts Rhianna in danger.

Aaaaaand that's all folks. Stellar weekend. Don't forget to link up with Sami for Weekend Update! (Pictures to come when I get out of work!) Also if you're obsessed with live tweeting the Bachelor/awards shows like I am, be sure to follow along with @thejanklife! 


  1. I like that you sang to my cat. My cat(s) are awesome.

  2. I love live tweeting with you. :)


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