2014: Resolution

January 2, 2014

I love watching the way people organize their goals for the new year. It's been so different--some pick categories, others pick one word, or others use more traditional SMART goals. There were a few things I wanted to see in 2014. 
Be nicer to myself. 
Spend more time with my sister, nieces and nephews.
Eat better.
Workout more.
Be more proactive. 
Don't shy away from changing priorities.
Blog more.
As I started brainstorming, I realized that they all came together for me under one over-arching umbrella.

Whatever I do today, I want it to be good for me tomorrow. I think this quote encapsulates what I want from this year: forward progress, even if it's little. Solid foundations. Healthy practices--mentally, physically, emotionally. 

I will thank myself for spending time with my niece. 

I will thank myself for picking spinach once in a while over a cookie. 

I will thank myself for being proactive and emailing a professor, which could lead to networking, more knowledge, etc. 

I will thank myself for working out. 

I will thank myself for saying "yes."

I will thank myself for consciously choosing to spend time with friends and loved ones. 

I will thank myself for getting up out of bed and going to church. 

I will thank myself for investing in me. 

What's your resolution?
How do you organize your resolutions--"one word," SMART goals, or something else?
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  1. These are great! My resolution is to get a full time Big Girl Job and to be genuinely happy.

  2. I love that those are all distilled in that pretty little graphic :) love love love

  3. I hope that you are able to accomplish your goals!

  4. I love that quote and it is a perfect one to apply to your new year!

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  6. Autumn - I'm a new reader and first I have to say that graphic about yourself is awesome. As for your post, thanking yourself really is a big deal! My resolutions are also about appreciating all of the things I'm working toward. Be healthy, be productive, be fabulous. Those are my big three.

    Here's the link if you have a chance to read it. http://volumesofwords.com/?p=5 :)

  7. I love your 2014 goals. Perfect quote to sum them up. Good luck lady. Happy New Year!

  8. I like that concept--and the ideas that you already know that your future self truly will thank the current you for! Spend your time on things that are worthwhile--seems like a good theme for one's life!

  9. I've done all kinds of resolutions but this year I chose just one word and I"m really excited about it. I hope I can stick to it!

  10. I liked that you picked being nicer to yourself. We can be our own worst critics sometimes!

  11. Perfect resolutions. So thank YOU!

  12. i love that you want to be nicer to yourself!! it's so important to take care of you and do things that make you happy, including not being so hard on yourself.

    my resolutions are pretty easy: don't look like a mess every day, learn to use my DSLR that is not "auto setting", crochet (done), accept sponsors on my blog (done). i'm already half way there!!

    happy new year

    Vodka and Soda

  13. I like the "investing in me". I think so often I put myself last when it comes to taking care of things: work, friends, cleaning, etc. always come first, much to my own demise.

  14. I think when resolutions come around it's so easy to get all hard on ourselves and make it all about how we need to be better... But how can we be excited to make big moves when we aren't feeding ourselves some positivity?!? Be nice to you girl because you deserve it! :)


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