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January 20, 2014

I guess it's Monday, and on Mondays we blog. My blog has gotten me into a bit of hot water in it's itty bitty existence. So you should learn from my mistakes (maybe even giggle, I don't care) and then we'll have some reflection at the end (apparently I'm a teacher now, and I'm going to map out our day post). 

Here are some epic moments my blog bit me in the ass. Learn from them, or giggle:

1. That time I vented about all the stupid things I overheard in the lunchroom. Cuz, you know, employers don't like when you disclose that their employees tend to stick to three main lunchtime topics: overly-descriptive diet details that make other employees feel uncomfortable with their ravioli, sex and more sex. Oh shoot, I just vented about it all over again. 

2. That time I lied and said I was going on vacation, but really I actually moved. I mean really kids, this takes the cake. And the Lumberjack and I can still laugh about it because guess what--IT'S FUNNY. There's nothing like meeting someone you really like 24 hours before your life-altering move and trying to disguise it by saying you're really just on vacation. Because guess what, they will Google you and they will find you. Even if you deleted all your moving pictures and tweets from Instagram and Twitter to try and hide it.

3. That time an ex (who wasn't mine) read my blog. I write a lot about dating disasters. Duh, it is the "niche" of my blog we might say. And I've always had this little hidden fear that one day one of my exes new wives or girlfriends would read it and be like HE DID WHAAAAAT. Because to be fair, I do genuinely believe everyone deserves a second chance. There are many, many young 20-something assholes who will soon shed their post-frat hangover and become very loving, caring husbands. I'm very sure of it. So anyways....well, now this fear has been faced (ish) so now I know what to expect should it happen again.

what's a blogger to do when they want to stay "real," 
but also have to protect those around them who still want their peaceful annonymity/respect? 
You can't write about your coworkers, work, family (le dramz), friends, ex-boyfriends (they're someone's current now), or current boyfriends (too much risk)
So what can you write about?
Well'll just have to stay tuned later on this week for my full-guide to Safety Blogging*, the new lifestyle-spin off blogging category safe for unmarried 20somethings who aren't paleo. 

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  1. dammit blogger ate my comment again!!!!! argh!!

    my other comment said that this was a very interesting topic and something that i'd be interested in reading more about because i blog about everything with zero filter!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I feel like I have to sensor some of my blogs because I know certain people read them. Oops. I love the vacation/moving story though! Too much.

  3. The vacation one is too funny. I often wonder what people who know me in real life think about my blog. I've gotten called out for a tweet, and writing about someone in the past few months, and I thought they were pretty tame...oh well.

  4. Too funny. I know what you mean. Now that people "in real life" read my blog, it's kind of weird . . . but talking to millions of strangers wasn't? lol

    Stopping by from the SITS Tribe Challenge. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you!

  5. This made me lol. It is hard when sometimes all that's on your mind to write about is things you'd like to punch in the face! Ha! Looking forward to more. Stopping by from your SITS Tribe.

  6. Oh Lumberjack, I love it when he makes an appearance on here. Not so much of unwanted readers. Who knew there was such a thing?

  7. I have most definitely not put as much animosity on my blog as I should, but if I have something to share and I want to share it, I just do it. I don't use real names or locations, but if you know I am personally talking about you...well than you probably deserve it...

    Just keep it real girrrlfriend, write about what you want, just change the deets a little bit. No one will ever know;)

  8. Hey Autumn! Stopping by from the SITS Blogging Tribe! So looking forward to getting to know you better & reading more of your blog :) I can relate OH so much to this post! It's so hard maintain the "IRL" and "blog world" balance on this blog. Can't wait to read the next installment! :)

  9. I blog about pretty much everything. There are definitely some things I keep to myself though just for the privacy of OTHERS.

  10. Hi, Autumn! Terri from SITS stopping by to say hello. and yes, haven't we all had 'those' moments? :) See you on your next posts!

  11. i don't believe in safety.
    safety is for pussies.

    unless said safety is related to sex. then be safe. because for the love of god the world has enough babies.


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