January 23, 2014

We know that if there's anything that could pull me away from over-thinking shambles of this past week, it's marketing. Two places I turn to in times of intense stress or internal chaos are...drum roll please...movie trailers and commercials. 
I remember so many times when my Big Sister in my sorority and I would just reach our limit. We would curl up on a bed, turn on my Mac* and just watch movie trailer after movie trailer after movie trailer. And as soon as we were done, we felt instantly better. Refreshed. Ready to take on the world. 
*If you have a Mac and do not have the Front Row application downloaded, you are missing out! They pool all the current trailers for you--it's my favorite!
Here are my current faves. 
Top Commercial

Top Movie Preview

In case you're wondering, the beautiful song in the background is "Wings" by Birdy.

What do you turn to when you're stressed?
If you have any commercials or trailers you love, 
please share them below! I'd love to take a look.

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  1. Can we also celebrate your blogversary too? I turn to sushi, coke icees and Frank Sinatra when I'm stressed.

  2. The Geico Humpday Commercial and I turn to my favorite Brantley Gilbert and Garth Brooks songs!

  3. First of all, that Allstate commercial is super precious!
    Second of all, when I'm stressed I drive around & blast music.

  4. ok try youtubing bloopers of your favorite TV show! i spent hours watching friends, seinfeld, frasier, golden girls bloopers!

  5. Amazing!!! I just tried this. My favourite thing at the movies is the trailers, now I can watch them all the time
    Thank you!!!!

  6. i used to drink when i was stressed.
    now i just cry. and rock back and forth.


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