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January 3, 2014

I like the way she wrote that, no jiggity, gonna back it up. I like the way she wrote that....Oh. Hello. Please get that song stuck in your head now too so we can be friends? Earlier this week, I went on a straight-up tangent about the need for honesty in Bloglandia. Today, I thought I would back up my rant by spreading some love and highlighting some of my personal favorite Most Honest posts and blogs of 2013. I tried to pick an assortment of what represents honesty to me--because it's not always being honest about a struggle or a hard topic. Sometimes honesty is just purity--pure joy, pure gratitude, pure struggle or pure simplicity. 

And in true Unreal Life form, I didn't even make a shiny button for you to grab and post on your sidebar because who has time for that (lolz jk I do because I'm a waitress). 

Ladies, thanks for keeping it real. Your real is unreal. 

Honest Posts

Dear 16 Year Old Me, The Handey Way

Comments I Wish I Could Leave but Don't, Vodka and Soda

Thoughts, The Kinch Life

Words and what needs to be said, Meg Fee

Imperfection, Blair's Head Band

The Luckiest, Back East Blonde

Overall Honest Blogs
These girls just do their thing and write it out, every day. 
Good or bad...they document it. And I love it. So thanks, ladies.

Meg Fee


Simple Bliss

Little Fierce

What blogs do you turn to when you need a dose of "honesty"?
Give a shout-out to a blog you thought did a great job in 2013--whether they gave you a laugh, a me-too moment, whatever...send them some love!

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  1. I'm so honored to be on this list!! :) I HONESTLY think you're the bees knees xo

  2. Autumn! i'm honored to have made your list! thanks so much for this :)

    happy new year!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. ^^^ Kathy, for sure. She always has a good dose of honesty, in every post!!

  4. This is so great & so perfect as these are the types of blogs I want to read!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy at Vodka and Soda is one of my favorite people EVER. That post = amazing. I was yelling "hell yeah!" along to each point she made!

  6. Being honest on the blogland is hard! But you are spot on with these posts and bloggers. It is amazing how honest and real they can be. I know you can get real on here, we all have so much faith in you (i mean we follow right! we must love ya) this will be your year, and the bloggers listed are great women to look up to and get inspiration from!

    xo. Kailagh

  7. Ah, thank you so much! This made my day. Being genuine/transparent is like my #1 blogging goal so this means a whole lot to me. Happy Friday!

  8. I totally applaud you for highlighting all the authors that are "honest & real". Reading blogs becomes much more personal when it is not all pretty pictures and perfect lives!

    I will have to check some of these ladies out! :)


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