Putting Your Breakup in Perspective

January 30, 2014

First of all, thank you to everyone for your generous and supportive comments on Tuesday's post. I will dig my way through those glorious emails momentarily and shower you again with individual appreciation. So really...thank you. And now on to today's post. Because if there's anything I learned from your reaction to Tuesday...you can't keep a sassy blogger down. 

The thing is, I really genuinely suck at break ups. I am, self-admittedly the biggest pansy ever when it comes to these gross jumbles of emotionz. For all the ones I've been through, they never seem to get any better (kind of like waking up each morning--how do I still not have a morning routine?). I know that it will get better, I have experience after experience to prove that. But regardless, each time, a little voice sneaks in that asks me whether maybe this time was my last chance, and maybe this time it really won't get better because maybe I really did do something bad. And I've noticed over this past week, that the break up experience is the same regardless of how long we were actually dating. Which seems slightly unfair to me, and I'm sure a psychologist would jump all over about how unhealthy that is. 
So now that I've jumbled my words and probably made all of you think I'm going slightly crazy, here are some lists. To help put your (my) breakup into perspective. Of the awful things I'd rather go through. And of the awful things that in the end, still remain worse than this. 
 *When my sisters and I were little, this was the ultimate idea of torture. Whenever we played M*A*S*H, we would pick this as the dear-God-please-no Career option to make the other squirm. 
I don't know where we got this idea, but it was always there. So yes, I would rather touch old men's wrinkly backs and rub them with sunscreen than go through a break up.

What's on your list?
What's something you'd rather go through than a breakup?
Or even a similar "I'd rather ____ than _____," 
because we all have those nail-on-chalkboard moments. 

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  1. breakups suck but the lessons they teach you are priceless.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'd rather go swimming with sharks than go through a break up. And getting eaten by a shark is much worse than a break up. ♥

  3. Poor Khloe, so unappreciated. Your lists are both spot on. It could be worse - you could be 15 with a lower back Belieber tattoo.

  4. Yeah I've gotta say these polar vortexes are pretty crappy. I think...end of year performance reviews should be on my list. No matter how well I know I did...I always break out in hives.

  5. Bad sour cream gets me every time! Great post!!

  6. Having that person's face tattooed on you has to be worse than a break up.

  7. Breakups sucks! Sorry you're going through that. But, I think I'd choose comfy clothes for half a year and take the break-up. I just can't imagine not being comfortable for that long! haha

  8. Wait... I think I lost a piece of the puzzle here. So, you had someone who used your blog against you in an attempt to ruin your relationship. Did that actually work. You made it sound like they weren't very successful. If it is the case that your relationship has ended, then I'm very sorry. You're right, that a breakup just is. I read somewhere that we go through morning stages similar to the death of a loved one when we break off a relationship. Kudos to you for thinking positively. 14 polar vortexes would be so much worse.

  9. Breakups suck always. No matter what. They hurt. They make you feel horrible. Etc. Etc. They are just plain stupid.

  10. To get through my biggest breakup my girlfriend gave me instructions to watch specific sex and the city episodes during my healing journey. I ended up making Christmas crafts (collage journals) for each girflriend while I watched and feeling really good about myself. LOVE SATC!!!!

  11. Breakups suck... no way to deny that. Just keep your head up. It always gets better!

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    Thanks again.


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