A Love Letter from OTH GIFS

May 3, 2013

Dear Hannah,

In honor of your birthday, I am writing you a letter composed entirely(ish) of One Tree Hill GIFS. Happy birthday, sugar lumps of love.

Hannah, when you found me, I was all:

And you were all like, and I was like:

But then we became friends. And you didn't know me, but you agreed to go to a Purim Party with me anyways and eat Jewish bread and throw candy at a man in a hat who was supposed to represent a biblical figure and I was like:
"This could be the start of a beautiful friendship." (And if you're wondering what's up with my tongue I think we can just say I was probably licking alcohol off my lip after trying to pregame my Holocaust Literature class or just generally being a second-semester baller senior and eating a lot of McDoubles on your dorm room floor.)

And then we did fun things like Zumba and deep heart-to-heart talks in the arb and gas station slushies and Wednesday afternoon laze-sessions with our best friends Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf and Nate Archibald. And it was the start of a most beautiful friendship that made my heart go:

And you were even sweet enough to go on late-night walks with me when Dan shot Keith and it was too emotional and I felt suffocated by the tension and drama. And that was cool too. 

And then I tried to be cool and role-model-y for you, but eventually you figured out I was a huge hot mess senior who didn't have her shit together...and you loved me even better. And that was even cooler. 

And now I'm running out of OTH GIFS. Because 80% of them are of the characters crying. They did a lot of that. So, I think this letter is done. But just know that I'm always, here for you, I love you to the moon and back and I think that you are one of the most wonderful, mature, faith-focused women I have ever met and it is such a joy and honor to know you and get to watch your life play out. 

All my love, Grand little. 
Love your Grandbig.

P.S. Other memories that make my heart happy, in honor of your birthday:

Learning to be a CHAMP in the library by wearing hoods and plowing through homework like no one's business. 

Doing the Waka-Waka zumba dance like champs. 

How much of a brat you were during Big-Lil Reveal. 

Post-Initiation bonding when you thought that I was just making you run errands with me. But really, after finding my car, picking things up from my ex-boyfriends house and getting my student ID...we did end up having fun =)

Having to immediately Skype after the season finale of Gossip Girl. 

Your ability to solve my love-life problems (Frequently by relating them to Gossip Girl characters which brings surprising clarity to situations. I should be worried, but I'm not because we understand...). 

Stalking you on the daily after I learned you would be my Grandlittle and interrogating you at the dinner table to learn more. 

PPS. Don't forget your Nate is waiting for you.

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