Top 5 Awkward Things to Call Your Ex For

May 16, 2013

I know. There are things like Google. Wikipedia. Self-help books. Friends.

But sometimes, you just need that one person. That one person you KNOW has the answer. Even if you know you're not supposed to talk to them, and there are other options. I am the worst at this (but, getting much better!).

Here are some awkward things I've had to call/text my ex for:

5. "I think your mom still has my TomTom charger, and since I'm moving halfway across the country...I need that."

4. "Where did you put that thing that I stole from that frat house when you moved out? Because I kinda need to return it..."

3. "Can you send me the amortization table you made for my student loans?"

2. "I think the Holocaust is stalking me."

1. "I can't tell if this is razor burn or bugs under my skin. You remember when you and your housemates got skivies and the whole place had to be fumigated? Well, how did you know those were bugs? What did your skin look like? Because I think I might have that."



  1. Hahaha oh no! So awkward! And I wanna hear the frat house story.

  2. hahahahah awkward! BUT necessary ;)

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