Doppelganger: More Than Skin Deep

May 7, 2013

Buh-dum-dum. Clever title, eh? (I suppose if you have to say it's clever, it's not.) I found another doppelganger ex. (You can read about my first doppelganger, Christoph Waltz, here.) 

As you know, lately I've become addicted (thanks, Netflix) to ABC's Scandal. The whole time I've been watching, I've been finding myself both insanely attracted to and repulsed by one character--Huck. No, it's not because he kills people for fun or frequently forgets to shower when it rains. You and I, Huck, can never work out because...well, we've dated before. You guys aren't going to believe me without proof, are you? Ok. Two quick pictures. You can do this, Autumn. Just breathe and click.



Ok ok I can't do anymore. That is two pictures too many. But the resemblance was just too good not to share, right? I've also been comparing these pictures for too long and now I think I'm just seeing things. But a total stranger in my office confirmed it, so it's got to be real, right? (Also, does this make me Quinn Perkins??)

Anyways. There's got to be something behind this doppelganger thing. You don't just date two doppelgangers (at least so far) and have it mean nothing, right? (Say it with me kids, "right!") So, what can I learn about my preferred man type from my doppelganger history?


Clearly, I like men who aren't afraid to kill. Perhaps I should start looking at Cabella's or a prison.

I like ze men with ze muscles. So, I can keep my usual habit of sticking with football players. Cool beans.

I like men with accents. Perhaps I should look in a foreign prison.

I like ze men who can speak multiple languages. 

Basically, I will find my ideal candidate in a foreign prison's football league. Or Hollywood. OR a famous athlete taking a moment to help the less fortunate in the mountains of Nicaragua while teaching a football/soccer camp to tiny children. BOOM TICKET BOUGHT HERE I COME.

Free doppleganger love-life readings for one and all! You just let me know. I can help you find true love too! 


  1. I think a foreign prison's football team is your best bet!!! This post was great!

  2. bahahaha perhaps I should start looking at Cabella's. Love it.


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