School of Unreal Life

May 23, 2013

I know we're supposed to talk about what we didn't learn at school...but, just go with me on this one. The more days I'm out of school, the more I realized I did learn in school. Most of this has come from one class:
Readings in Power and Leadership.

It was taught by the type of adorable old man professor who has been a lawyer for 50 years and adores his wife with every fiber of his being and dotes on his grandchildren. The type of professor who asks you "how are you?" and you have to fight the urge to spill the entire contents of your life trails and problems on his desk and ask him to solve them. You know. That type. 

The more I'm out of school, the more I find myself applying lessons I learned in his class:
*Don't make a decision out of fear, or a time crunch. 
*Be able to look yourself in the mirror. 
*Develop a news habit. Read a news source every day. 
*Pick a life partner who's smarter than you at something. 
*Give yourself time to think. Every day. 
*Don't willingly surround yourself with temptation. 
*Practice integrity and character in the small things, 
so you'll be ready for the big things.

Other lessons from the school of unreal life:
*Do not under any circumstance date a boy who at one time dated a girl who then came out as a lesbian. PTL problemz for dayz, kidz. 

*When you can listen to Adele solely for the beauty of her voice, 
and not the emotional way she describes your breakup...pat yourself on the back. 

*Don't do anything after a breakup that will make a lasting mark on your physical body, 
even after you are emotionally and mentally recovered and ready to move on. Party it up once in a while? Sure. Couple drinks with the girls? Sure. Few rebounds? Sure. Tattoos, STDs, 20 extra pounds from emotional eating? No. 

*Never refute another person's feelings. 
For example, if they say something made them sad, etc. don't say "No it didn't." 
Don't try to tell another person what they felt. 

*Don't pretend something didn't happen, 
just because you don't like the way it turned out. 
Learn from everything.

*Try to remember how far you've come at least once
for every three times you compare yourself to others. 

*Be the one who will,
Not the one who could.

*Two things in life are always free: volunteering and going to church.

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  1. Awesome post! I also had a professor like this in college and it seriously made my day going to his class!

  2. i love this! it is all such good advice. for some reason i really like the adele one - so true!

  3. Pick a life partner who's smarter than you at something...great great great advice. And loooove the Adele comment!!

  4. I so love this post. Such sound, relatable advice. These are such important things to remember. I wish you could share this with every girl!

  5. I have to be honest, I clicked on your link because your name is Autumn and hey, that's my name too! ha. I like all of the things you're applying post-grad. I'm graduating December and sort've freaking out. the "don't make decisions out of fear" hits home.


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