May 28, 2013

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a most wonderful long weekend! If you follow me on the tweeter, you know that the highlight of my weekend was:

 #babe #livedating

Here's the story. I met a boy at a bar last weekend, and we hit it off instantly. We shared a mutual love of all things football, Pope Francis and M*A*S*H* so it was basically a done deal. A few days later, we had our first date (more on that to come later). In a word: no. Just no. It was just off. It felt like I was talking to a completely different person. But I still agreed to a second date because I don't often find people with similar loves of Pope Francis and football round these parts, so I thought...one more chance. But as the week went on, I got increasingly more nervous and started regretting it. But we all also know, I can't say no. 

So my roommate came up with the perfect solution: we'll pregame your date. 

We sat by the pool with some straw-beer-itas and did exactly that. And it was perfect. But I was still nervous, so I looked over with some big puppy dog eyes at my two girlfriends and said "Come with me. Please." They looked at me. They looked at each other. "Ok!" they said in unison. I practically screamed with delight. This my friends, is true sisterhood. 

And that my friends, is how my two girlfriends ended up spending their Friday night stalking and live tweeting my date. At one point the boy and I were walking into the restaurant and he goes "Hey, I think I see your friends up there!" to which I snapped "Don't you think you should be focusing a little more on me during our date?" He didn't mention them again after that. 

Other than that, my weekend was filled with BBQ fun, pool side time, reading and other jank, jank things that are just really too much all for one post =) How was your weekend? Have you ever stalked a date? 

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  1. THIS WAS FANTASTIC. Wish I could have been there too.

  2. haha love this!! friends truly make situations easier! hope you get to go out on a second date!


  3. You absolutely crack me up. I watched the live tweeting and it made me LOL :)

  4. Hahaha....my friends and I use to stalk each others dates all the time! Once, we even went on the date with a friend who just did not want to be alone. The boy wasn't exactly happy about that one. True friendship=date stalking.


  5. What a hilarious idea!! I need to go stalk those tweets immediately.


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